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Adventure - Colossal Cave Walkthrough:
Level 1 - Snakes and Plughs

Level 1 is pretty easy. You start at the Hall of Mists. Head south and grab the gold (+7 score, +9 to drop off). Head north. Hall of the Mountain King, with a snake. Open the cage so the bird drives away the snake. OK, passages in all directions.

To the west is a West Side Chamber with coins (+7 score, +5 drop off). Grab and go east again. To the south is the South Side Chamber with jewelry (+7 score, +5 drop off). Grab it and go north again. To the north is a chamber with a hole in it, with silver. Grab the silver (+7 score, +5 drop off).

Go north one more room, to the Y2 room. Say "plugh" to zap back to the Well House. Drop off your treasures.

Drop off the keys for now, then say "plugh" to return to Y2.

If you hit a dwarf in here anywhere, and he throws an axe, take it! Then when you see him again, "throw axe at dwarf" to get him. If you miss, just "take axe" and throw it again.

OK, now head to the Fissure, west of the Hall of Mists. Wave the Rod to make a crystal bridge appear. Cross it to grab the diamonds. Now head west and south to get into the Pirate Maze. You want to go EAST, SOUTH, then NORTH to get to the chest. When you take it, head SOUTHEAST, WEST and SOUTH to get down to the Orange Room. Just go east twice and then say XYZZY to pop back to the well house.

Adventure - Colossal Caves Walkthrough
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