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Adventure - Colossal Cave Walkthrough:
Plant Level - Eggs and Tridents

It's time to use that bottle. Fill it with water and then PLUGH back to the Y2 room. Go around to the TWO PIT WEST room, which is two to the west of the Swiss Cheese room. Go down in the pit. Water the plant. The closest water is east and down from the Dirty Room - the one just below where you picked up the silver. Go to that stream and grab more water, then return here and water the plant again. It'll sprout into a beanstalk.

Climb up and head west. You'll see some eggs, plus FEE FIE FOE FOO. Take the eggs. Head back to the two pits room, and now go down into the eastern pit. Take some oil in the bottle, and go back up the beanstalk. North of the eggs room is a rusty door. Oil it to open it. You can drop the bottle now. Head north and get the trident.

If you haven't gotten the pearl yet, use the trident to go open up the clam. Drop the trident and the pearl (if you just got it) back home, but keep the eggs on you.

Adventure - Colossal Caves Walkthrough
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