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Adventure - Colossal Cave Walkthrough:
Important Commands

Part of the frustrating part with this game is you WANT to do something but you can't figure out HOW to do it. A lot of the time, it's because it's not something you CAN do :)

Here are some commands that you really should know.

take all
unlock grate with keys
throw axe at dwarf
fill bottle
take bear
throw bear
xyzzy (in debris room)
plugh (in Y2 room)
plover (in plover room)
blast (in very final room)

Note that it is NOT an oil lamp so you can't fill it with oil! You should be able to solve the game, but if you really want to, you can buy a new BATTERY at the vending machine in the maze. It does mean you can't get top prize, because you lose your coins doing this.

Adventure - Colossal Caves Walkthrough
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