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Adventure - Colossal Cave Walkthrough:
Treasure Listing

This game is mostly about collecting treasures and figuring out how to return them to the Well House. Here's a list of all 15, and how to get them!

Gold Nugget: South of Hall of Mists, have to use PLUGH to get out.
Jewelry: South of Snake Room
Coins: East of Snake Room
Silver: North of Snake Room
Diamonds: Cross Fissure by Waving Wand
Treasure Chest: Hidden in Pirate Maze
Rug: in secret Dragon Room, kill him to take
Ming Vase: in Oriental room, drop on pillow
Emerald: in Plover Room, must carry east alone and retrieve later
Pyramid: in Dark Room, must use PLUGH from Y2 to get
Pearl: in Cul De Sac, must open oyster with Trident
Gold Chain: in Bear Room, must feed bear to get to unlock it
Spices: in boulders
Golden Eggs: up plant, must water twice
Trident: past Rusty Door, must oil to open

Adventure - Colossal Caves Walkthrough
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