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American M'gee's Alice Walkthrough
Vale of Tears

Just Desserts

This is the first 'Boss' fight. You enter a large kitchen with a central raised and lidded well with a new weapon for you in the centre. Jump up and claim the JACKBOMB weapon. Unfortunately this also brings the DUCHESS into the room.

She is a formidable opponent with a long-range Pepper weapon and an unfortunate short range one; she eats you – but not all at once. Keep out of her way by dodging around the central well and use long-range weapons. Replenish your strength with the small MEs dotted round the room. I found that the new weapon was more dangerous to me in the confined space, so I used the Mallet. The dice wouldn't work here, even though the Pentagram would display.

When she is dead, she sneezes her head off, the Frog and the Mock-Turtle re-appear and you end up jumping into the well.

This entire walkthrough was written by J.C. Wright who has given BellaOnline permission to display it. You can contact him if you wish for more details - J.C. Wright.

American M'gee's Alice Walkthrough

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