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American M'gee's Alice Walkthrough
Vale of Tears

Wholly Morel Ground

Follow the Mock-Turtle as though you were flying using the mouse and the 'AWD' keys. Keep close behind him in the bubble stream to keep breathing. If you get off course, it's not fatal, just catch up again. If you loose Sanity you can replenish from ME on the way. The Mock-Turtle weaves about quite a bit to give you time to deviate a little.

Avoid the various traps, they are fairly obvious but the slightest touch from falling boulders will kill you. Bubble jets can blow you up against roof spikes. You may have to stop and kill some Snark, but there is still time to catch up again. You can use the quick-save under-water. After you've finished the level, try it again in God mode and explore the whole area to see the treasures and some odd fish.

This entire walkthrough was written by J.C. Wright who has given BellaOnline permission to display it. You can contact him if you wish for more details - J.C. Wright.

American M'gee's Alice Walkthrough

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