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This is where "experienced" AoE players enter, and it is quite a treat that awaits them here. Thef romations are cool, the farms can easily be rebuilt just by clicking on them, and the market and other aspects are examined. In essence, you need to get 3 relics. The first is right in front of you - grab it with your monk and put it in the monestary. Build up your town, including a market, and head directly to the left of the map. Your friends are there. Trade with their market and leave a batch of soldiers there - they'll be attacked soon. Get their relic in the top left corner of the map.

When you fend off that attack, prepare yourself in the middle of the map to move down against the enemy. When you have a big force, move down against them. I always convert the people - I feel guilty slaughtering farmers. In any case, destroy the town center and grab the last relic!!

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