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Baldur's Gate Chapter 3: Bandits

Go up to the Friendly Arms Inn. If you're not Heroic (rep 20) yet, donate to the church. You should be, though, with all the quests you've done! Not a bad spot to be in, your purchases should be getting cheaper and cheaper :)

The next map north of the FAI is a farm area. Be prepared, the Ankhegs here are NASTY! First find Farmer Brun, whose son Nathan is missing to the west. Just about an inch west is a giant hole in the ground. I wonder where Nathan went! Head down in there, and battle your way through the Ankhegs to the far right wall. Sadly, you find Nathan, dead. I was upset by this. I didn't want to find a dead son to bring back!! I brought him back anyway, and got 500 xp, but I was still sad. The poor farmer! I thought this was a highly unfair game to do this. So I talked to the farmer again. I could now offer him 100 gp!! I did so quite gladly, and this made him happier, got me 1000 xp and +1 reputation (now 18: heroic). So I suppose it was OK after all.

Ajantis is on the map - a squire to Lord Helm. You can have him join your party if you wish. The fishermen to the left blame Tenya for being a witch, but when you find her by the bridge she says her god Umbelee wants his bowl back and to ask Sonner about it. Return her bowl to her for 2500xp.

Just north on the road is Gerde, a ranger. She wants to kill off a few Ankhegs. Like we hadn't just killed 12 of them! Kill one for her, and she'll give you 75 gp and let you on your way. Head up to the Bandit Camp.

Get through to Tazok's tent. Kill him and his buddies off in a long, drawn out battle. Now disable the trap and grab the letter in there. On to Chapter 4!

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