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Banjo Tooie
Isle of Hags: Cliff Top

You get here by splitting up on Plateau and stepping on the two switches.

There's an instruction spot here that teaches you how to use ice eggs. These are great in the lagoon and in the fire world. There's a Mumbo spot over the train tracks, but you don't need it until later when you have the sick dinosaur baby here. There's a ledge to get to a button that opens the train doors. No monsters there, for one of the only times! To the right is a Mumbo Skull and a jump-hatch. There are stairs down to a button that creates a bridge to the fire/ice entrance.

There's a glowbo on top of the fire/ice building if you want to give it to Mumbo now. There's a vine in back to let you climb up there. There are suction cup boots too to use later when you learn how. You get a red jinjo in the wall with them.

There is the entrance to the Lagoon here.

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