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Banjo Tooie
Isle of Hags: Jinjo Village

The first world you reach is through the digger tunnel from Spiral Mountain. You meet Klungo - green ape. To defeat him, run from thrown objects, egg him. When he leaves, he opens two gates.

The green side leads to Isle O' Hags Jinjo Village. There is a hatch by the red house - this is a tunnel network to help you move from location to location.

Head into the temple up the hill. This is King Jingaling's throne room. He gives you the 1st jiggy piece to rescue the jinjos. He also opens Bottles' house. After this, in a "Meanwhile...", you find that the witches initiate a 'BOB' life sucker. The king becomes a zombie.

Go straight across to Bottles' house, to meet his wife & kids. You get the Goggles from one kid, which gives a zoom in ability to kazooie. You also find a Secret tunnel over to Wooded Hollow.

To one side is a sandy area with a ledge. Go up and into a cave, where you'll find a game cartridge. Blast it for the Ice Key, which you use in the fire/ice world.

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