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Banjo Tooie
Isle of Hags: Wooded Hollow

You first reach Wooded Hollow from the secret passageway in Bottles' house. There's a hatch in the center of the area. The Jiggywiggy Temple needs one jiggy to enter. Your first challenge is only 100 sec, 5 pieces, easy. When you solve this one, it opens a door in Wooded Hollow leading to Mayahem Temple.

The various challenges at JiggyWiggy are:
Challenge 1: 1 piece. Mayahem Temple
Challenge 2: 4 pieces. Glitter Gulch Mine
Challenge 3: 8 pieces. Witchyworld
Challenge 4: 14 pieces. Isle of Hags - clifftop to Laggoon.
Challenge 5: 20 pieces. Isle of Hags - wasteland into dragon's mouth.
Challenge 6: 28 pieces. Isle of Hags Quagmire - Grunty Industries.
Challenge 7: 36 pieces. Fire/Ice Area
Challenge 8: 45 pieces. This opens cloud area.
Challenge 9: 55 pieces.

There is a Purple jinjo in the cave at end of road.

There is also a Giant egg across from Jiggy temple. This holds Henny, who wants giant special eggs. The first is in Spiral Mt and you grenade a grate to get it. This pink one gives you Bird Bash, with B and then B again. The second is also in Spiral Mt, behind the top of the waterfall. This one gives you homing eggs.

When you learn how to hatch, come back here and slam through to the split-up pads. When Kazooie hatches the yellow egg up in the top of the egg, you can now play as the jinjo in multiplayer!

Once you learn how to 'hang', you can go to the right here and get up to the entrance to 'Plateau'. This is the ledge that there are broken stairs up to.

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