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Banjo Tooie
Jinjo Listing

Wooded Hollow - end of road
Mayaham Temple - up by cow
Plateau - under the big boulder

Mayaham Temple - Under water at end of stream to right
Witchy World - by Humba's teepee
Witchy World - in the Haunted Cavern

Glitter Gulch Mine - on train tracks
Witchy World - on top of Dodgem Dome
Jolly Roger Lagoon - side pathway off Atlantis
Waste Disposal Plant - from Smuggler's Cavern
Grunty Industries - in high wall on outside

Witchy World - Behind armored car door in power station

Spiral Mountain - blow up the kazooie rock with the torpedo.
Cliff Top - use suction cup shoes to climb wall.

Jolly Roger Lagoon - Seaweed Sanctum on pillar

Witchy World - On top of the Big Top
Jolly Roger's Lagoon - rafters of Blubber's Waveracer Hire

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