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Banjo Tooie
Mayahem Temple: Prison Compound

From Mayahem Temple, go into the small hole in one set of big doors (that the golden guy kicked open) to get to the Prison Compound. If you go here as a Stony (get to the teepee to do this), you can talk to the stone guy. He has you hit moon star sun star star as the stone guy. Dilberta is inside - you can't move the boulder from here. You'll have to go to the mines first and open it from there. Then follow her back to the mines for a jiggy.

Another stone guy says you need 'golden' to get through quicksand. Jump up to over water, get a page, find the secret cave, and use the water tunnel to get back to the main room.

At the Prison area water ledge, go down under central boulder. You'll be in a 4 column room. Shake each column to move the jiggy to lower column. Swim from top back to prison room. Another ledge goes to boots - you can now cross to get jiggy. There are more boots to return.

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