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Banjo Tooie
WitchyWorld: The Three Kids

The kids are annoying because you can't get all three until you solve later levels. First off, to open the two food buildings, you need to activate switches. The burger is on top of the ticket booth, and the fries switch is right behind the fries building.

The fry kid is inside the Star Spinner - give them to him and he runs home.

The second kid is in the Dodgem Challenge. Once you power it up with Mumbo, go in and find this kid. He doesn't want to go home - bash him on the head and he'll change his mind.

The third kid is the tricky one. He wants a burger. You get him one, and now he's too full to walk. You have to wait until later when you learn the taxi carry with your backpack. Once you learn this, come back and carry him to mom. You'll get a jiggy for your efforts.

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