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Lisa Shea
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Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

After the intro finishes, start attacking the Domz as they come near you. This is an easy fight, just keep combo'ing each one in turn. There are two different combos you can do : First, tap the mouse button 3 times in a row, and you'll hit twice, followed by a powerful third blow. Second, if you tap the mouse button twice, then pause, then start tapping some more, you'll start a spinning attack, dealing MUCH more damage. Either way, you should have no troubles here.

Once you've defeated the Domz, Jade is taken belowground to confront a very large, dangerous Domz. Pey'j runs in to rescue her. As this battle starts, charge up your Dai'jo staff (Hold down Attack) to break out of the spikes that hold you. Run up to the boss, and attack his Eye. After a few hits, spikes rise up and the boss's eye will rise out of range. When this happens, charge up the staff and hit him with a charge attack to knock him down. Hit him a few more times until he rises up, then charge-attack him again. Repeat this until he dies.

Grab the pearl, and an Alpha Section soldier will come down to let you up, and to tell you that it's save above. Float up, out of the cavern.

After the cutscene, grab your Camera. Your camera is used as one of your primary moneymakers. You need 350 units to charge up the shield, and there are plenty of things to photograph inside the lighthouse. Start by taking a photo of the child with glasses, and the insect (150 and 200 units, respectively). This will be enough to get the power back on, and the shield turned on.

Turn around, go into the kitchen. There's a Starkos on the counter. This will refill one heart. Take it, then take the 3 in the fridge. Go to the stove, kick it open, and take one more. Turn around, and run up the ramp to the second level.

Up here, take a photo of the goatlike child with horns (There are 2) for another 350 units, then take a photo of the large dog for 100 more. To the right of the dog, is Jade's room. Enter there, and run up the ramp, to get another starkos. Head out, then make an immediate left. Push the button on the wall to enter the bathroom, and get an Active Principle, which increases your health meter by 1 heart. Run out, hit the other button on the wall, and run outside to the shield. It's easy to take a photo of a Seagull out here for 400 units. There's a two-legged otter above the shield, but I wasn't able to take a photo of it. You need the zoom feature, which we can't get yet. Head back down to the dog, Woof. Try to take the item from his mouth, and he'll run outside, chase him out there. Run up to him, and hit Mouse2 to dive at him. When you grab him, he'll stop and you can take the Box of K-Bups, which restores ALL your health.

Take a photo of the field armadillo for 150 unts, and if it's nighttime, you can go move down by the tree to get a photo of Fireflies, worth 300 units (If it's not Night, just wait, it will be eventually :) If you use your camera and look for Solaris, you can watch the sun set! ). Head back up, run into the door that Pey'j went into, the one by the spinning, floating beacon. Follow it into the hangar, then into Pey'j's Workshop. Take a photo of Pey'j. This will give you a full roll of film, which rewards you with the Digital Zoom. Run over and grab the Mdisk, then play it at the MDisk player that Pey'j was working on. Run outside.

Run back up the lighthouse to snap a picture of the otter. It's worth a cool 1000 credits. Back in the Hangar, grab the two Boost units and two POD repair units from the workbench, then start pushing the motor. Pey'j will help you, and you'll power up the Hovercraft. Before you leave, make sure to snap a photo of the fish down in the water of the Hangar!

Written by Khyron

Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

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