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Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough
Credits and FAQ


Q. How do I get the 13th M-Disk?

A: At the time of writing this walkthrough, I have no clue. I suspect you may need to beat the record on all four races. The M-Disk itself is in plain sight, at the cabinet in the Akuda Bar, however at this time I have no information on how to get the code on openning that cabinet. Once I find out, I shall be sure to update the FAQ with that information.

Q. Where did you get all this info?

A: I played through the game. Beat it 5 times, went through by hand documenting every single twist and turn I made. Some parts were so hard I cursed a lot, some were easy. I didn't use any other FAQ's, guides, books, or any other info to make this. But, I will admit, the animal/pearl detectors were an AMAZING help.

Credits, and thanks.

This guide was written completely by Khyron (Chris Bingham) by hand. No part of this FAQ was copied from any other FAQ, guide, or book. Special thanks go to Ubisoft, for making this great game, and to the entire design team of BG&E :

Michel Ancel
Yves Guillemot
Jacques Exertier
Sebastien Morin
Christophe Heral
Yoan Fanise

And everyone else who's names I missed because the credits were going by too fast ;)

This FAQ is copyright 2003
Chris Bingham (AKA : Khyron)
E-mail : Khyron2k@msn.com

Written by Khyron

Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

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