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Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough
Black Isle

Talk to the chauffer, then save your game. Run up until you see a small alcove to your right, and enter it. Inside is a vent to jump into. There, you'll find a group of odd plated animals. Snap a photo for 400 units, and grab the Starkos and the boost unit in this area, then head back.

In the large area with the beetles, to your right is an AP1 you can't reach yet, and in front of you is a closed door. Stand on one arrow and tell Pey'j to stand on the other with the Action key, to open the door. Run inside to the Mine. Plenty of things to photograph in here. Start with the fly in the first area for 150 units. Run over to the broken ladder, and then talk to Pey'j when he calls you over to him, to view the Jet Boots. Hit E to send Pey'j flying up... then falling down. Run over and stand on a button, and tell Pey'j to use the super action to launch you up. Run over to the gear between two boards, and use the action with it to drop the two ramps.

Snap a photo of the map and Analyze it to get a map of the area. Then snap a photo of the orange balloon inside of the spiky shell. The latter is worth 400 units. Run up to it, then have Pey'j use his Jet Boots attack to pop one out. You can hit it in any direction, but aim it at the crates of explosives. One will open an alcove containing a boost and two Starkos. The other leads you to a large, purple anemone. A photo of it is worth 500 units. Run up and start smacking it to get Materia crystals from it - each crystal is worth 5 units.

A grate will block your path - turn around and enter the alcove to your right. Here, attack the materia crystal on the ground to get a bunch of crystals, and send two balloons flying - Aim one one balloon at the explosives in the cart, and the other balloon at the larger materia crystal. Gather the small crystals, then run up the ramp you just dropped. Head right to get in a fight with a flying Crochax. Try to snap a photo for 1000 units. Kill it and grab the Materia. Past it, push the Cart until it's next to the wooden barricade, then use the small gear in the corner. Jump up onto the ramp you just lowered.

In this new shaft, snap photos of the green jellies for 700 units, a photo of the waving tentacles on the walls for 300 units, and the jellies covered with brown shells for 800 units. (This should finish Roll of Film #3 and grant you another Pearl) Kill all the monsters in this area for money. At the end, stand on the two arrows to open the door.

In this area, kick open the lockers for a Boost Unit, Box of K-Bups, and Pey'j's cutting hammer weapon and tool. I'd recommend buying all the starkos from the vending machine, and saving the game. Now Pey'j can open up the grates with his tool. Run down the path, and make a LEFT at the evacuation map. Photograph the huge creature at the bottom (the Spongus one) for 500 units, then run past and wait for the creature to emerge from its shell, and take a photo of it for 500 more units. Head out of this shaft using the tunnel to the right of the evacuation map.

Head all the way back out of the Secondary Shaft, down the ramps, and this time let's backtrack all the way out to the mine entrance (Not a long run, really). Remember the vent? We're going in again. This time, tell Pey'j to use his action on the grating. Run to the end of the vent, and snap a photo of the pinkish slug thing that you see across the yard, netting you 300 units. Jump off the vent and you'll land on a ledge with an AP1. I'd recommend giving it to Pey'j, but that's your choice there. To give it to pey'j, open your inventory, go into the S-A-C, select it, then move the cursor to Pey'j and drop it on his picture.

Head back into the mine, down to the grating that barred your path before. Open it with Pey'j's cutters, then buy everything in the dispenser machine (Another PA1 is here!). Head down, Jade will hug the wall under the ramp. Pey'j will stay behind, but he can still do his super action. Use it once to hit the crystal with an orange balloon creature, then run up the ramp and push the cart all the way over. Head back down and hit the cart with an orange balloon guy, to knock down the ramp for Pey'j. After fighting off the enemies, run back over the ramp to the hole in the wall it was covering. At the top, take a photo of the amoeba (750 units). Heac back out, and use Pey'j's jet boots to catapult you up on the switches, just like at the mine entrance. Jump into the new room and press the button to open the door. Save the game on the Mdisk machine. In the corner of the room, kick the power box to turn off the lights. Then, grab your camera, and look up towards the middle of the room. There should be a greenish creature circling there! Snap a photo. Open the grate, and head out.

Take a photo of the flying nautilus shells, nabbing 500 units, then jump down. After Jade steps on the eggs, take a photo of the creatures you fight (900 units). If you use Pey'j's super action, he can knock these into the air, just like the orange balloons. Use this ability to hit the large materia crystals and ramps, as you fight. Make SURE you knock down the ramp, to gain access to a Mdisk player and three crystals you can hit with your staff! Run to the gear and have Jade use it, to lower a platform. Buy everything in the dispenser unit again, then move on. Make your way past the anemonies until you find one that's on the ground instead of a wall. After hitting it until the tentacles retract, use Pey'j's super ability to smash it flat. Run past, and be ready for the boss. To your right, is the photo you need to take, of the two creatures. Wait until they both pop out, then snap a photo. The boss Attacks.

There are 4 holes the boss can pop out of. When it appears, take a photo (3000 units!), then have Pey'j stun it with his super attack. Do a combo, then kill the jellies that pop out. Use Pey'j to stun it the next time it pops out, combo it, then kill the flying creatures. Now the boss will fly over you and attack with a laser. Charge up your staff to hit it when it comes near you. Once you hit it, it drops down again. Repeat this process (Combo it, then charge attack when it flies over) until the boss bites the dust. Another pearl is yours! As is a cool 3000 units for a job very well done.

Written by Khyron

Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

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