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Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

After the cutscene, jump into your hovercraft and head back to town, to the Pedestrian district. At the newsstand, you should have more than enough credits to subscribe to both newspapers. Do so if you want to. Across from the vendor, is a door. Head in. You'll be blocked by red beams, but you can snap a photo of a spider there for 350 units. Head out, then into the Akuda bar. Save your game. I'd recommend doing the pellet game for a pearl - you have plenty of money to spare. If you lose too much cash, just load the game and try again. It's tough, but the pearls are very necessary. Be sure to practice in the 'training' mode a couple times before you play for the pearl!

Head upstairs and talk to Peepers. Give him the password, then play his game. It's very easy. This gives you a ticket, jot down what the code is. Use the code to enter the Iris base. Once in there, watch the cutscene and take a photo of the cat girl (400 units). This should net you another pearl. Go down, watch the cutscene, then grab the mdisk and watch it. Save your game, then head out. Now that you have a city pass, go back to the square where the guards stopped you before. Buy the AP1 and Pearl from the street vendor, if you didn't before. At this point, doing everything I've told you (If you didn't lose too much money getting the pearl from the pellet game), you should have around 11000-13000 units.

Head back out to the main plaza, past the guards, and enter the door leading to 'Transit'. Here, kick the materia box for some units, push the locker aside, and crawl through the opening. You can crawl under lasers that are high, and dive (Right-mouse-button) over the low lasers. The point of this area is to reach the pearl at the top. To do so, you'll need to follow the conveyor belts until you reach one that has a small nook to the side, where you can jump to another. Be sure to dive over the low lasers, crawl under the tall ones, as you go. The closer to the pearl you get, the harder it will be! If you get lost in this area, stop on a nook, take out your camera, and plan the route to the pearl. Once you grab the pearl, exit the area, then enter Ming Tsu's shop.

First, talk to the storekeeper and give him the Password. He'll give you two MDisks (Iris newsletter issues) and subscribe you to the Iris NewsFLASH that e-mails you with the headlines. Second, take a photo of the fish in the tank next to him :)

Buy a pearl detector (3000 units), animal detector (1000 units), Pearl (3999 units), then you have your choice - buy a super-attack strengthener for 2000 units, or buy an AP1 and Meca Impulser for 1500 each. I'd suggest the latter, as I didn't find the super-attack strengthener all that useful. It's up to you. I'd suggest coming back after you get more cash to get it.

Head back to the Mammago Garage. You can easily afford the Neutralising cannon at this point, it's only 5 pearls. It's installed automatically, and this IS needed to complete the mission. Once you head out, the Domz attack again! This is a good opportunity to test out the cannon. Only fire it at the ships that have GREEN contrails.

Now you should have 4 pearls if you've followed my directions and done everything so far. We can still get 5 more at this point.

1) Do the hovercraft races 1 and 2. Winning nabs you a pearl and 1000 credits, for each race.

2) Straight out from the Mammago Garage is a beach, with a cavern leading to the Looters Cavern 1. Follow the Looter through this cavern to get a pearl. Shoot at boxes along the way to get extra materia crystals for extra money. Avoid the red beams - they'll damage your Hovercraft. If you don't think you'll make it through a door, use a speed boost. At the end, shoot him to get money and a crystal!

3) Across the bay is a cavern to the Vorax's Lair. Enter this area and snap a photo of the frogs (450 units), then press the button on the cabinet and grab two boost's and an AP1. I'd suggest giving this to Pey'j so you have 6 life, he has 4. Save and enter the cavern. Use Pey'j's super attack to knock some of the small enemies into the air, and knock them into the ramp and materia crystals around. Run up the ramp and kill the jellies, then use the orange balloons to knock down the ramps and hit the materia. Cross the ramp leading to the 2nd balloon to knock down another ramp, get more materia, etc. Head back, then run down the ramp and attack the materia crystal for money. Jump over and kill all 3 Crochax for a pearl!

4) Head out and to the right, down the water passage guarded by an Alpha Patrol ship. Since you have the Neutralizer cannon, you can destroy it. AFter it's dead, shoot the crates in the water for money, then enter the Looters Cavern 2. Use the same tactics as the LC1 to get another Pearl.

Head down the channel further. Another alpha ship appears, and tows you away. Shoot it down, then enter the cavern near it. In here, take a photo of the little worms (400 units), then kick 'em for a few units. You can't enter this door yeT, so head back out to the channel. After getting all five (2 races, 2 looters, 1 vorax lair) pearls, head down to the black isle area. You'll see a huge pipe leading to the Nutripills factory, with another Alpha Section ship guarding it. Blow the ship to peices, then enter the factory.

Written by Khyron

Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

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