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Lisa Shea
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Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough
Nutripills Factory

At this point, You should have 5 PA1's. I would recommend giving one or two to Pey'j. Otherwise he'll get whiny about it :) Once you've given some to Pey'j, jump up a couple steps and turn around. Take a photo of the flying, fanged creature, the Vorax (500 units). Keep hopping up until you see a bar code in red. This is the serial number you need to send the governer. Just take a photo, get the code, enter the door. It's that easy. Now you're inside the main area of the factory.

First, have Pey'j open the gate, and run through. The rats here are easy enemies. Kick 'em for 1 materia (5 units of money), or dive on 'em with the right-click, for 2 materia. Take a photo (200 units), then run over to the red lasers. Dive over the first, then crouch under the second, then dive over the third and push the button to turn them all off. Next, you need to push the crate into the groove on the floor, then over to block the electricity. Save your game now, at the Mdisk player. Next to the elevator, is a broken piston. Pey'j can fix it, but it doesn't have any power to move, or a fuse. That's your next step.

Turn to the right, and enter the Laboratory. The second you open up the elevator, you'll be attacked by tons of mechanical spider things. Since they're not living, don't bother with a picture (They're hard as hell to photgraph, too). The ones in red, are the ones about to attack, wait until they get in range then swipe at 'em once. Get on the elevator, then ride it up. At the top, run towards the electricity. A Security robot shows up. You can't kill it with your staff alone, but if you combo it, the laser will aim upwards so you won't have to worry so much about damage. The goal is to knock it into the electricity, which damages the electrical field. Once you do so... run through the door. Here you'll find Double H being tortured by the DomZ. Take a photo as evidence, then turn around and photograph the serial number. Since you got the evidence, the governer will send you the code. Use it, to get the Gyrodisk Launcher. Turn around, and use it on the Domz machine to free Double H, and earn a pearl. Walk up to the Grate, and have Double-H do his special action for a way out, and a laugh :) Run around to the other side, and save, a boss battle is coming up next.

Wallhug your way back to the main elevator room, and you'll be attacked by a huge green critter, who grabs Pey'j. Take a photo first (3500 units!). He'll jump up to the side of the room. Zoom in your camera, use a Gyrodisk to make him jump back down. While he's up on the side of the room, he'll fire green shots. Just stand between two of them to avoid getting hit. Be sure not to be around him when he lands. After he lands, fire another gyrodisk to make him cover his eye. Run up, and smack him around with your staff. He'll take a beating, then jump back up. Repeat this process : Hit him with a gyrodisk when he's up on the ducting on the wall, avoid him when he lands, fire a disk to blind him, then hit him with your staff. Do it three or four more times, and he should let go of Pey'j, and die.

After he dies, backtrack across the crate that's blocking the electricity, all the way back down to your ship. Once in the ship, head through the tunnel in the top of the screen to reach the pearl that the creature drops. Head back up, and once you jump back over the crate to the main elevator area, make a sharp right, to enter the electrical room. Time your run past the electrical arcs, until you reach the room with the fan. This part is easy : Hit the fan a couple times with the gyrodisk to make it power up the button out of here. Be sure to bnuy the kbups from the vending machine, then push the button to enter the dynamo area.

Circle around to the back of the dynamo (Generator), and grab the keycard. A robot will attack. You can stun it briefly by having Pey'j use his jet boots attack with E, or whatever you bound it to. If it starts glowing red, it's going to roll at you, so dodge out of the way. Smack it when it's not red, until it dies. It's a bit tricky, but you'll get the hang of it. After you kill it, grab the keycard and circle back around to the front of the dynamo. Five more will attack you (What a pain!). Be SURE to have Pey'j use his jet boots attack, and knock one of them into the electricity! That way, you can get another PA1! Once they're all dead, use the key on the triangular button, to turn off the power. Now grab the fuse. When the power comes on, turn it off again, then quickly run behind the generator, to grab a second fuse! Run back to the elevator.

Use one of the fuses in the elevator, then look up at the cable that's been severed in two. The support for that cable is damaged. Toss a gyrodisk up at the damaged support, and the cable will drop down, gaining power from the electrical field below! Now you can use the Elevator to head up. I'd advise saving your game before you head up. Once you're ready, go to the top of the elevator, to the upper hall. Once you hit the top, Pey'j gives you a disk. Run up to the double-doors, and have Pey'j push one button, while you push the other. THey both have to be hit at once. Once inside, the Domz attack! Try to take a photo if you can, it's worth 900 units.




Once they're dead, climb up the machinery and kick open the grate. First, walk (DO NOT RUN, or you may trip an alarm!) over the pipe to the middle. Turn around, and you'll see some crates going through an X-Ray machine. When they pass through the machine, you'll see a skeleton appear. Photograph that skeleton for the first report! WALK over to the far side of the pipe, and enter that room. There's a grate with a white mouse, jump down and walk down the ramp. At the bottom, is a map of the factory. Photgraph it, and analyze it, for the map of the area. Then crouch, and SNEAK up to the white mouse to grab a photo. Then head back to where Pey'j is.

Bummer, Pey'j is gone now. And WILL be gone, for almost the rest of the game. You will find ONE PA1 that Pey'j drops. If you gave him 2 or more PA1's, then you get ONE back. So you CAN lose PA1's if you're not careful here! Push the crate underneath the slit in the door. Jump on top, then throw a disk through the slit, and hit the button to open the door. You can't pass the lasers, so kick open the grate next to them, and crawl through. After a very brief conversation with Double H, crawl through, past the guards, then kick the rats as they come out of their holes for a few credits. Be prepared for some stealth maneuvers, as now you're up against Alpha Sections, who are VERY strong, VERY tough, VERY good fighters!

If you missed the report with the X-Rays earlier, here is another place to get them. First, throw a disk at the air tank on the soldier watching the crates. The second soldier will be alarmed, so stay out of his sight! When the second soldier runs to help the first, throw a disk at HIS air tank! Now they'll both be helpless. Run up and kick them to kill them. Alternatively, sneak slowly past them to avoid detection. If they detect you, run back to entrance to the area, and jump into the small nook. There you can avoid getting spotted.

In the second room, do the same :) Either nail both of the Alpha Sections in the air tanks with disks, or crouch under the small wall, wait until the patrolling guard turns around, then run into the next area. In this area, there's only 1 patrolling guard, but nowhere to crouch. Either sneak behind him carefully, or just toss a disk at his back and kick him to kill him. I recommend the latter. In the final area, Double H needs your help to get past the flames. You need to use the Gyrodisks to hit the buttons under the flames, 1 at a time, starting from the left. Be quick! Once you're past, save the game, and have Double-H push the button to lower the lasers. You can watch Pey'j's Message if you want (Touching...). Also, I'd recommend giving Double -H a PA1 or two. Don't worry, he won't vanish like Pey'j did. Run down the corridor, and you'll find an alpha section soldier blocking your path! Don't bother trying to fight him, jump up on the machinery, and run OVER him. Then kick him from behind :) You can sneak away, but why not get an extra kill, and 5 more units? :D

In this next area, you have two options. Either sneak past the two guards, or KILL 'EM! I definitely suggest the latter, as this is a hard part to sneak past... but if you can get past the area they're both at, you can open a cabinet for another PA1, a set of PODs (Think of it as a box of K-Bups, for the hovercraft :) ), and a Box of K-Bups. Run out, and around, to the X-Ray verification room. Turn off the lasers here, and you can return to the entrance where they kidnapped Pey'j. However, there's no need to go there yet, except to save if you want. Now, see those boxes moving across they conveyor belt? The object is simple - keep a box between you and the Alpha Section guard at all times. Sneak past him by staying behind a box, it's that easy :) Another alpha section guard will be ahead, but don't bother. You can't sneak past him, and killing him wastes time. To your right is an alcove of boxes, run over there. Don't worry if he sees you, it leads to another area, he won't follow.

In the closet, kill the rats if you want, then run around to the vending machine. Buy the K-Bups, and the starkos if you want. Make sure you have at least one starkos! Head over to the cabinet in the corner. It's empty! Put a Starkos in, then be ready to photograph the little insects that come out... another 700 units in your pocket. Head out, then climb up the boxes and enter the Nutripills vat area. Press the button on the pipe next to the rat, to make the guard come investigate. After he checks the pipe, sneak past him, or use a disk to disable him as he returns to his post. I always suggest the latter ;) Run past him. In this area, you can hit the spiders with disks for some money, if you want. Push the button next to the conveyor for the MDisk inside, and open the cabinet for Pey'j's Jet boots, and a starkos. Take a close look at the bottom of Pey'j's boots! Here are two codes... run past, and two robots will attack. Combo both of them to make them aim up, to avoid damage, then knock each one into an electrical field. In the room with the cabinet the boots were in, run through the door to the Computer Room. Open the cabinet for another MDisk.

If you haven't watched Pey'j's message by now, watch it now. The codes on the bottom of the boots, are the codes he mentions! Also, watch the surveillance mdisk, and if you want, the hillyan army databank mdisk. Save the game, while you're at it. Head out, then through to routing. Two routes are currently blocked off for you, so go though the hall with the blue lasers. Jump/duck past them, then push the button to open the door. quickly run up to the red lasers, then crawl under, and dive under through the door. Time to be STEALTHY. Crouch under the blue lasers and stay crouched behind the barrier until the guard turns away. Then crawl underneath the platform he's on. Head around to the back, and toss a disk at him when he's turned away, to kill him. Ride the grav shaft up.

This part can be tricky. You've got to sneak behind one of the soldiers, and avoid the attention of the other. If you're lucky, you can toss a disk and the two soldiers will walk very close to each other, making it VERY easy to move behind them. If you get caught, run away to the little niche in the corner, and hide there until they don't notice you anymore. Sometimes they'll call a probe to scan the area for you, if so, DO NOT BE CAUGHT IN HIS LASERS. You will be instantly killed. Once past these guys, you'll find an area where boxes are being moved from one conveyor to another. What you're SUPPOSED to do, is to crawl past the guard by using the box as cover, then use the crane to move across the conveyors to the other side. Myself? I killed 'em with disks, but it was a DIFFICULT fight... If you absolutely have to, try to remember that the staff's super-charge ability is the BEST way to take out these guys, as it often hits their air tanks.

Once you're on the far conveyor belt, head through the door. To get past the electricity, just be sure to duck, and once you're past, save. Wall hug past the window, and you'll see your next objective... the Alpha Section soldier. You've gotta take a picture of him, but you can't from where you're at. At the far side, you can see the button on top, but you can't reach it. Hit it with a disk, then get on the platform. Once on the platform, hit the button with another disk, then QUICKLY duck under the electricity. Crawl through the duct, and you'll see a lone alpha section soldier guarding this area. Stay in the duct, however, and you'll see an opening to shoot his tank easily, once he turns away.

The next area has some blue lasers that slowly move up and down. Just dive over the ones that are down, and walk under the ones that are up. Easy! Now you can finally take a photo of the Alpha Section, to finish your report! Move along, and you'll find two alpha sections patrolling. Try to nail 'em both with disks, one at a time... Moving along you'll find ANOTHER patrolling Alpha Section... easy pickings for you and your disk launcher! :) In this third section, crawl down to the landing, but NOT all the way down the ramp. Before you move on, make sure that BOTH soldiers are looking away, or you may end up being caught on the ramp. Once they are, either sneak past them, or just kill 'em both. Of course... I suggest the latter. In the corner of the room, is a vital keycard, inside a cupboard. Grab it, turn off the lasers, and head on through. Now you will see a door to use your new keycard on. Do so! You'll end up behind the alpha section guarding the door. Since you're behind him... well, you know what to do! :) After he's been dispatched, take a photo of the lock he was guarding, and send it to missus mayor for the code.

Head through, and it's boss time! To kill this boss, hit its leg so that it lifts. Double-H will come down to help you. Essentially, you must tell him to attack with E (Or whatever you bound it to), and then attack as well. Be sure you're attacking the leg with the DomZ growth on it, and Double-H will attack the other. Once the boss falls over, toss a disk in to hurt it. Repeat this a few times to get yet another pearl! Head past the broken electrical barrier, and grab another PA1. Save your game, then head down the elevator. Head down to the bottom of the service elevator area, then go into the laboratory. Push the containers into the small slots on either side of the electrical barrier, to open it up for you. Inside, take a photo of the mosquito on top of the cow, then take the pearl inside the machine. Time to head all the way out to the elevator room, and save!

Head out, then over the bridge to the barred room. Double-H can break through the bars, openning a path for you. You should have one fuse left, put it in... now you only have a few minutes to get Double-H back to IRIS! Head back to the hovercraft (Don't get too far away from Double-H!), then out of the factory. In this part, use CTRL to zoom past most of the mines. Just dodge the mines as best you can, and rush to the city. Lead Double-H through the city to the Akuda bar, then up to the IRIS hideout. After the cutscene, grab the pearls. You'll get 5 pearls for finishing the Nutripills mission!

Written by Khyron

Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

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