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Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

First and foremost, save your game! You've just completed your first mission, and your next big one is coming up. Head outside. (I personally LOVE how the people start to back you up after you complete the mission :) ) At this point, you have several keycards, and can start reclaiming pearls from the Alpha Sections. Just outside of the Akuda bar, is a door with a triangle. Use your key to enter. Inside, kick the materia box for some cash, then push the BIG box with Double-H's help. Crawl under the beam, then get ready for a TOUGH descent! I'll go through it step-by-step.

First, after crawling under the blue beams, drop down and hang on the edge where the ladder is. Don't fall until the lasers start to power down! Second, drop down when the lasers are at the top and left, respectively. Third, wait for the two lasers to pass you, then crawl to the next barrier. Fourth, simply move past when the lasers go down. Fifth, crawl to the left until blocked by the laser. Don't worry about the one chasing you. Just keep moving left. When the laser blocking your path powers down, move again. The laser that's chasing you shouldn't get a chance to touch you.

Last, drop down each area individually. Wait until the laser moves past, then follow it. THe last laser is FAST, you may lose a heart.

Down in this area, is a new problem you'll have to face. See the two floating turrets? By thsemselves, they won't be able to touch you. But, when you get caught by a guard, they'll instantly kill you, and force you to restart the area. VERY annoying, but nothing you can do about it... Move down the shaft with the blue lasers to enter the area. Your goal is to get up the ladder and into the vent. I wouldn't recommend even TRYING to kill the alpha sections in this area, you'll end up dead instead. Just follow one of them as they walk through the lasers, until you reach the vent, then jump up. Kick the rats to get past. Move ALL the way down the vent, and shoot the button through the broken glass. Then move back to the opening, and shoot the button there. All the lasers should be off now. Now you're 3 pearls richer! Move along, and kick the materia crate for cash, then press the purple button. Time to exit, which (Unfortunately) isn't any easier than entering was!

This next section only has ONE alpha section patrolling, so go ahead and take him out with disks. Crawl under the lasers to the button, then press it to open the door. Quickly CRAWL over to the door and through it. I had FUN with this part :) The elevator goes up. Along the walls, you'll see lighted channels. This means that an alpha section will appear there. Duck behind a crate so that he can't see you. Keep moving behind the crates, until the alpha section guard gets on. After he gets on, ride to the very top, avoiding both him and the other guards in the niches along the wall. If you get caught even ONCE, the hover-turrets will instantly destroy you. So don't. At the top, let him walk away, then follow him slowly and at a distance. Once he's beyond the barrier and out of sight, jump onto the crate, then through the vent, and out. Grab the two K-Bups in the area, then push the button to exit the area.

Head back to Nouri's shop, and buy the latest pearl from her. Behind her shop, on the 2nd level, is a door locked with the square key. Head inside. Remember the ticket you got in the Akuda bar? That's the code you need to get this pearl. If you didn't get the photo of the starkos-eating bugs, you can do that here, too. Head out, and into Ming Tsu's Shop. The only thing to get here is another Pearl, and (If you want) give him the passcode to get a copy of the report you just completed! Save and watch the report, then head all the way out. Now, look around for the barred door, which Double-H can knock open. Enter this area.

Get in the elevator, and have double-h push the button. At the bottom, keep going until you reach a guard. He's alone, so don't hesitate to take him out when he looks away. You can go through the route he was guarding, or you can turn around, jump down, over the sewage, then jump up to reach the room that was blocked before. Inside is a materia crate and two Sets of Pods, so I wouldn't pass this up! Once you grab 'em, continue past the area previously guarded by the alpha section. In the next area, once again, there is only 1 guard. But this time, there are also floating sensors to avoid. Hit him with a disk, then walk past the sensors and kick 'im. In the next area, kick the crates, then move up to the button on the floor. When you stand on it, the door opens. RUN until the laser is next to you, then crawl under the laser. then run to the door. Dive over the lasers, and through the door! Whew...

Tons of Materia boxes in here, as well as another Pearl! There's 10 boxes, worth 50 units each. Once you've gotten them all, time to do ANOTHER laser run... same idea as before. RUN until the laser is close, duck under the laser, and run until you hit the door. This time, though, there's two lasers... your reward? Two more pearls! Not bad at all! Head up the elevator, but be ready. This is a FUN Chase, in my opinion! The second you move past the lasers, you're chased by an alpha section soldier and a bot. Just run, and avoid the sensors along the way. Keep going, until you reach a cul-de-sac, where you have to turn and run up the screen instead. Follow the path until you can jump up two crates, then head out. Now you're done here, let's head back out to the hovercraft.

Time to head back to Mammago's! This time, pick up a Jump kit when you're there. Buy repair pods or whatever you want to, then head out. Head back into the main canals, and now you can jump the laser barrier on the left, and gain another pearl from the crate! Head back out, to the lighthouse area. Before we jump the barrier, head over to the area where the looter's cavern 2 was. Head down this water channel until you find a gate to the left, leading to the Alpha Sections' underground HQ. Save the game, Photograph the worm guys if you haven't, then head up and through the door. A Crochax has a pearl! Head through until you meet the little egg-shaped robots again. Double-H can pop 'em into the air just like Pey'j could, do so to hit the electrical barriers. Disable BOTH barriers (Use the button to get another robot), then head through to the right of where you entered. You'll find a black security robot guarding a cabinet. Knock him into the electricity, then open the cabinet. Inside the cabinet - a Meca Impulser, and two speed boosters... Grab them all! The buttons in the next area summon robots, which you'll need to get past all the electrical barriers. Use one, then knock the black robot into the barrier, then get two more egg robots to get to the crochax. Two more will appear, fight all 3 for 3 more pearls. Head back out to the hovercraft, then out to the canal.

Head left, towards the black isle, then behind it. There you should see Megaptera Purpurea, a giant whale. Take a photo when it jumps up! You can also get Manta Cyanea here, the flying Manta Ray. Head back through the channel, to the area outside of Mammago. Use your new jump kit to hop over the laser to get out to sea. Out there, take a photo of the whale you see there, and the red flying manta. Turn left, and enter the cave on the small island. Welcome to Looter's Caver 3! Use the same tactics as before, to net another pearl. My advice is to save the speed boosts until you're SURE you won't be able to make it... There are more than a few places where you'll need to jump over red beams. Try to avoid them at all costs!

Back out to see, you'll see two destinations. The Hovercraft races on the left, and the Looter's Cavern 4 on the tiny island to the right. Head to the LC4 next. You'll get a message you're leaving territorial waters - you can enter the LC4 without fear. (If you try to leave the area, you'll take a bit of damage and turn around) In this area, it's very easy to hit mines and lose time, so BE CAREFUL! This is the hardest yet, so don't worry if it takes you a few tries. As a general rule of thumb, if it's red, avoid it. Once you finish up here, let's head back to the Lighthouse. In the lighthouse, open the two panels (One in the hangar, one on the 2nd story, where the children were sleeping) and enter the two codes from Pey'j's Jet Boots. Once they're both entered, push the red button on the panel in the Hangar, to open up the area with the Beluga. Grab the MDisk and the first Flight Stabiliser. You'll need another to get the Beluga up and going, but you can't get one yet, so head out.

Time to enter the Slaughterhouse! To do so, you'll need to do the Slaughterhouse races. I recommend doing each one once, to get the pearl for each. If you manage to break a record, you will also get 500 extra cash. Once you're ready, enter the third race. Midway down the track, look for some red laser beams on the LEFT side of the track, right after a speed boost panel. The object is to jump these with your new jump jets. IT'll take QUITE a few tries, so be glad we got all these repair pods and such! Once you're inside...

Written by Khyron

Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

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