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Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

Welcome to your third mission from the IRIS network. This is a TOUGH mission, the toughest in my opinion. Doing it isn't so bad, reaching it is... to start, follow the road! Easy as that. As you go down, the large spider robot will attack. Do your best to avoid it. When you reach the area with the fires, try to jump as you go up the ramp to avoid them. If you fall at any time, you'll take damage, but get sent back a bit so you can try it again.

The next area, the slaughterhouse quarter, is far more annoying. First, photograph the worm in the water. Next, see the patrolling boat with the light? What you have to do, is get into the light, to get the boat to drop a torpedo. Then lure the torpedo through the cave, to the mines. The torpedo should automatically attack the mines, clearing the way. Sound easy? It isn't. Prepare to get hurt a LOT doing this... after you're through, buy some repair PODs and the K-Bups, and save the game. To proceed, you and Double-H must open the gates manually... by pushing. Some DomZ attack before you can push it open, but they're easy to kill, especially if you can get off a super move. Once the gate's open, get back into the hovercraft, and jump up and through.

In this area, the first part has you avoiding the red lasers. Blast open the crates for some speed boosters, then try to avoid the lasers and pass. If you get hurt, you should have some repair pods now. once past, let the fan blow you through to the main area. Blast the crates for cash, and use the Neutraliser Cannon to destroy the mines floating there. Be quick about it, they respawn after a few seconds! Clear a path to the ramp, then head up. Use CTRL (Run) to move past the fans quickly, and be careful not to fall off. As you move past, you'll come to a watery area with 2 fans, filled with mines. You can blast the mines if you want, but I found it easier to just dodge them and move on. The goal is to move between the two fans at the end. Once through, blast the mines and move into the vents. Here are the BIG mines, the ones you can't just blast. To get past, you'll need to push the steel crates into them. One crate is right here in front of you. For the other, you'll have to search. Before searching, though, look for an entrance to the races from here. This will open up a shortcut, between the entrance to the races, and this area.

When you're ready to continue, head through either of the two side-by-side openings (One is broken). You'll enter an area with 3 passages. Two are blocked, so head up the ramp. Here, knock down the second crate to get past the second mine. Continue down this channel, to get to the slaughterhouse entrance. Once here, dock and turn left. Crawling on the rubble you should see a Trilobite to photograph. Also, photograph the frogs if you haven't done so outside the vorax lair. Then, toss a disk up to the button on the far wall to open the gate. As you go through, you're trapped here until you complete the mission! Don't bother to photograph the serial number yet, the Mayor won't help you...

The next area is the Surveillance room. Head out of the hovercraft, then wall hug past the pipe. The best way to kill the flying DomZ robot, I have found, is to use your super weapon's abilities to toss out little purple shots. Just charge up after he stops firing, then tap the mouse button like mad as you fly up into the air. These have a VERY HIGH chance of hitting one of his tanks. Do it a few times and he should go down! Don't bother crossing the laser field yet. Just run over to the fence, and try to hit the button with a disk. Then jump down to the hovercraft, and drive to the other side. Dock on the other side, and now Double-H can follow you up! Save your game here.

Now, go into the middle laser area. Double-H can disable these lasers with his super action, have him do so! Enter the door the flying robot was guarding, to reach the Trolley Area. Here you can gain the map of the area by photograpping it on the wall. Exit the area. Head over to where the button that lifts up the gate is. To the left, climb up all the pipes, then onto the gate, and have double-H push the button to lift you up. Run to the other side, and enter the passage to reach Ventilation. In here, kick all the rats. Shoot a disk at the button, so that you can take a photo of the Ignis Ignifera. Head back out, and have Double-H push the button to raise the gate. Run across while the gate is still up, and jump up onto the platform. If the gate lowers before you get there, have Double-h lift it again. Jump down, then into the hole in the wall. Knock the robot into the electricity, then run past to get a set of Pods and a Meca Impulser. Jump up into the hole in the wall next to the cabinet, and run through to get back to the main area and grab Double-H.

Push the crate to the hole in the wall, and jump up. Head through, then to the area you fought the robot in. Have Double-H hit the grate to open it up. Inside, is an Alpha Section! You'll HAVE to fight him, but double-h will help! My advice, is to use a super move, and he should fall easily. Now, see the bubbles? You gotta photograph that little thing! But if you pull out the camera, it hides... shoot a disk at the rubble. Eventually you'll scare it out, and it heads over to the OTHER rubble... you have to take a photo while it scurries! If you miss, just toss a disk to scare it again. It's a pain, but this is all about getting 100%, right? Plus, money is money... head into the trolley by pushing the button.

On the other side, buy some K-Bups, then head into the next area. 3 little robots attack, and there's 3 barriers! And Double-H can knock them into the air with his super action.... well, you can figure out what's next :) Grab the keycard from the third robot. Since you already have one, give this one to Double-H. If you need more little robots, push the switch. Once you open up all 3 barriers, run through the open passage to get a pearl, and save your game. Remember how I told you to give Double-H a triangle key? Well, now you need it to open the door... he puts his in, you put in yours. Do it simultaneously and the door opens. Run inside, and have Double-H use his key to turn off the lasers. DASH through! Then do the same in the next area. Be quick, or be dead! Once past all the lasers, disable one of the alpha sections, then kill the other - it's easier with Double-H's help - with a super move or two. Kick open the crates and lockers for goodies, then take a photo of the area in the middle - the one with humans going up the tubes. 1/3rd of your report is done!

Head out, back to the vending machine. Across from it, is a button! This button pops up an amoeba for you to photograph. Since you can't pull out your camera fast enough, photo it by hitting the button with a disk! Go back through the trolley, past the broken electricity, through the wall, and back to the hovercraft. Whew! Save your game before you get into the hovercraft, and then move on. Turn RIGHT to knock down the grille, so you can bypass the gate in the future. Then, let's head to the Interior Moats.

Head left, and continue until you see a green waterfall. Next to it are some bones - Head up there, and dock the hovercraft. Move inside. Save your game. You can't proceed past the lasers at the bottom, so wallhug past the pipe at the top. You'll come to a room with an alpha section on a platform. Shoot the button, don't worry about alarming him! He'll get knocked off by the electricity. When you go across, you have to dive and then crouch, to get past the electricity. It's tough, but you can do it. In the next area, you'll see a huge amount of fog on the ground... and an instakill laser floating above. Fun! What you need to do, is crawl through the fog. The Alpha Sections can't see you in the fog. They'll see you when you go over a bump in the fog, so don't go over any inclines unless they're DEFINITELY not looking. Failure means death, and restarting the area.

Once past this annoying area, comes an easy one. Here, you just need to kick the power box on the left, then dash to the fuse and grab it! Just run and dive over the only low lasers, it's easy. Put the fuse into the empty box next to the elevator, to power it up. Head up. Two laser barriers, two robots - you should be used to this by now. Grab the starkos and the box of K-Bups, then head over and kick the crate. Opposite of the crate, is a doorway. There's 2 alpha sections here, a whole lot of mines, and a floating sensor. Toss a disk at one alpha section, the other should come running. If you're lucky, you can hit them both. If not... keep trying until you do. It's SO much easier with both of them out of the way! Just run to the opposite side of the room, and avoid the mines. This will net you a PA1, speed boost, and cash. Head out, back to the main area.

Head through the broken electric field, and you'll see a pearl protected by lasers. Since you can't go in this way, go around. Avoid the mines (Duh...), and you get to... a VERY difficult part, in my opinion. Here, you have floating death lasers, and FOUR alpha sections patrolling. You need to crouch behind the first crate, follow the walking alpha section as he moves away, then as you reach the OTHER moving alpha section, move behind him to avoid detection, then move BACK to the area the first was patrolling, and into the hole he was guarding. It's hard, and you'll die a few times, but persevere. In this area, grab the pearl and the Starkos, then exit by the lasers. Congratulations, now you have to do the four-guard area again! You might want to back-track, and save your game. The You have two doors - one protected by lasers, one without. Enter the one without, and save. Push the box to expose a hole in the wall. Enter the hole, then toss some disks at the mines to destroy 'em. Once all the mines are gone, return to the other room. Kick the power box, then move through the hole quickly, and grab the fuse! It's easier now that the mines are gone. Return to the other room, and save.

Head out, then use the triangle button to turn on the elevator and head down. There's an alpha section soldier guarding the door, crawl over to the door and make a CAREFUL shot to his back. Since he's facing to the side, it's tough. Once he's disabled, hit the mines with disks, then run up and kick him. Enter the room he's guarding for a PA1, speed boost, and some cash. Exit out. Crawl through to the left. This alpha section guard doesn't have an air tank, but he patrols right on a moving platform... remember the last guard that was on a moving platform, near electricity? Once he's... dispatched, move on the platform, hit the button, and crouch to avoid the electricity. Moving on, is a tough area with 3 Alpha Sections... but no instakill laser. Still, be careful if you choose to fight, they fight HARD... One past them, use a fuse in the box to proceed. Turn off the lasers, then save.

In the next area, sneak past the two guards on the left, and kick the one on the far end. Then, as Double-H keeps the two busy, Use a super-attack to kill them off (Isn't the super-attack strengthener great? Those purple orbs are the BEST way to kill Alpha Sections!). Once they're all gone, move to the window and photograph the humans being unloaded from the shuttle, to fill in the 2nd part of your report! Only 1 part left... the toughest to get to by far. Head back out, past the lasers you took down, return to your hovercraft.

Time to head to the far side of this area. Two BIG mines. Torpedo-launching lights. Remember how we did this before? This time, it's trickier, the lights don't launch the torpedos... Lure a torpedo to the big mines, and you're in. This section is tough - the mines regenerate FAST. You only have a couple seconds to clear a path. Don't even bother trying to kill them all. just make a path along one side or another, until you get there. There's a vending machine at this dock, with repair pods to repair any damage you got. Head inside, to the East Wing.

Here is one of the hardest parts of the game, IMO. First, have Double-H kill the alpha section by using his super attack twice. The MDisk is blocked by electricity. Kick the box, and run in to save. Then, have double-H charge it to get back out. All routes are blocked by lasers, except one... a ladder leading up to a vent. Head in there. As you come to the alpha section guard, you find he's alone... easy pickings. One disk to the back later, push the button. Head through the door, and move down the corridor. Grab the two speed boosts from the cabinet, Move along the area, to the end to talk to Double-H. Now for the hard part...Drop down when the guard isn't looking. There's an instakill laser here, so you can't be seen at all.

Move past the first guard, down to the other two. You have to CAREFULLY sneak past them on the right. Expect to die here often. Once you're behind the machinery on the right, wait until the guards aren't looking, and sneak past... and pray. a lot. I died here often, so don't be worried if you do too... What's worse is if you accidentally touch the guard as you try to sneak past... 'INTRUDER! INTRUDER!'. Best of luck...

One trick you can try, is to kill the guard on the far left, then avoid the alpha section that comes to check on him. Then, you can frequently stand in his area to lure the patrolling guard with a disk... then kill him when he comes to investigate. When he's dead, the third guard will come up... one by one they fall. Be careful, and take your time in this area.

Moving on, you'll see a wooden box and an elevator. Push the box onto the elevator, then take it down. Kick the power box to get the fuse, then use the box to get back up. Use the grav shaft to go to teh second level. There are three more guards here, but no laser, so take them out as you see fit. Myself, I disabled 2 with disks, then took on the third with super moves. It's up to you how to proceed. Past them, you can take a pearl, a couple crates, and save the game. Keep moving until you turn off the lasers, then put a fuse in the box. Move under the new opening. In this area, jump onto the right side of a crate in the middle. The arm will pick you up, and drop you on the other side of the lasers. Head under the crate area, and you'll find a cabinet with two speed boosts and another PA1. Head back, and turn off the lasers to exit this area. Blue lasers bar the path, so exit through the door.

Kick the power box to disable the electricity, then jump down and save the game. The disks can take out the mines, and a kick takes out the crates for cash. Move down the hall, and prepare to fight a TON of annoying troglodites... Jump up the pipes and have Double-H turn off the electricity. In the next area, are 3 alpha section guards. No laser this time, so don't hesitate to take them out if you have to. Move past them to the central hall. Toss a disk at the guard to take him out, then move past the lasers to a vending machine (Only starkos in it? Bah...). Beyond is another guard to take out the same way. Moving past is your last report objective, and two guards to kill. Easy as pie... take them out with disks and kicks, and then take your final photo. Once the last photo has been taken, grab the fuse and put it in the box to exit. Now the governer will give you the serial number to leave the area. To exit, just power down the lasers, and use the button.

Head back to your hovercraft, then all the way out. Take a photo of the serial code once you reach the gate, and the governor will send you the code. Dock, and use the code to leave. Use the shortcut out of the exterior moats, to the Races 3 and 4. And now... that's it! You've finished another Report!

Written by Khyron

Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

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