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Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

You SHOULD by this time, have enough pearls for that second Flight Stabiliser! Head out from the races, and another attack... finishing with ANOTHER worm down, and yet another pearl is yours! But Mammago doesn't have the flight stabiliser in stock, so we're not going to be heading there. Instead, go back to the main canal. Head back to IRIS HQ. Before you go in, Ming-Tzu's has a new pearl, and you can see a copy of the report you just finished. Outside the bar, everyone is supporting you. Most people even seem to know that you're Shauni...

Inside the Akuda Bar, Francis (The shark by the pellet game) has another pearl for you to win, if you feel like playing. (Why not? A pearl, is a pearl... and you should have more cash than you know what to do with, by this time :) ) Inside of the Iris Den, you meet the Governor face-to-face, and learn of the Chief of the IRIS. She'll also give you a star keycard. After the cutscene, you get pearls from the population, and an e-mail from Mammago, saying they got the flight stabilizer in! Grab the pearls, and head out to the city square.

Use your new keycard to enter the Alpha Sections HQ. Once again, you're on your own here... And with this many alpha sections... you haven't got a chance of fighting. Not one. Be stealthy, be sneaky... your life depends on it. Go slowly, and watch the alpha sections as they patrol. There's always a blind spot for you to slip past...

For those who REALLY need help... crawl under the bridge, then wall-hug past the first guard. Jump up to the second story while the patrolling guard is moving away, then wallhug until he comes back. Move slowly behind him, until you get to the niche. Be VERY CAREFUL HERE. He'll stop for a split second, and that is the ONLY time it is safe to wallhug inside the niche. He'll move past, quickly, BUT QUIETLY, move around the corner. You have ZERO room for error here. Jump up to the next area. Jump and hang off the edge here. Two alpha sections patrol here. Move past the first as he moves away, then do the same for the second. Jump up to the top level. Two MORE alpha sections here. Jump and hang off the ledge as the first turns away. Stay there, watch his movements. Move past him carefully. Jump onto the dumpster, then up to the ledge. Move past the window when the Alpha Section isn't looking. (Be thankful that you don't have to start ALL THE WAY FROM THE BEGINNING if you get caught! Also, be thankful that these guys have ZERO peripheral vision...)

Once you reach the room with the patrolling Alpha Section, you can finally, FINALLY kill him with a kick. Push the button, go in the door. SAVE THE GAME. You do NOT want to do all that again, do you???

Grab the pearls! Your reward, for ALL THAT WORK... is 10 more pearls! As you exit... the BEST CHASE SCENE IN THE ENTIRE GAME ENSUES! The head of the Alpha Sections chases you down, while you frantically duck and dodge away. The whole hassle of doing all the work to get those pearls, was totally made up by how awesome that chase scene was... well, in my opinion :D After you're done oohing and aahing, head back to the Hovercraft, then to Mammago's. Time to fix that plane! Buy a Flight Stabiliser, for a cheap price of 20 pearls. Once you have it, time to head to the lighthouse... once inside, head to the very top, for a sad cutscene...

After it's done, head down. DomZ robots attack. You'll need to use your super-attack to take them out, any other way is WAY too difficult! Once they're all gone, Go to the hangar and open the door. Install your new flight stabilizers to get the beluga back in the air! A DomZ attacks, but it's no match for your aerial neutralizing cannon! Grab the pearl.

Now, let's head up to the top of the Black Isle mines. Once you're over the water-filled crater, let go of the hovercraft with a right-click. Enter the Volcano's Treasure! Dock, and grab a Meca-Impulser from the cabinet, and some speed boosters. Take a photo of the jelly-like thing on the wall (If you've followed all my instructions, you'll be just ONE photo away from the final Mdisk from the Science Center!), and save the game. Continue in. You should, by now, be an expert at this - wallhug over to the balloon, Double-H hits the ground, balloon pops up, hit it towards the ramp to continue. Fight a few crochax here, to get 3 more pearls... then another crochax for one more pearl... then knock the balloon into the far ramp. Fight a couple more Crochax, for two more pearls... then four more for four MORE pearls... then, across to get the LAST FIVE PEARLS! Also, you'll get a MDisk from Mammago's garage! This is just a fun little Pearl game you can play.

Now, go back through the world. Photograph any species you've missed (Don't worry if you're missing just one, the last one is found in space...). Collect any pearls you haven't gotten. Load up on K-Bups at Nouri's place, I would suggest at LEAST ten of them. The last boss is VERY VERY DIFFICULT. Once you're ready, buy a space engine, and head into outer space...

Written by Khyron

Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

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