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Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough
Moon - Selene

First, shoot the whale that's flying around tossing ice at you, until the ice is COMPLETELY gone. Take a photo! This gets you the final photo... and the Mdisk from the science center. Then just point to the moon, and drive straight... once there, aim at the transmitter's bottom area, and fly into it.

Inside of the transmitter, kick open the materia crates, and buy EVERYTHING in the vendor, you'll need it all. On the wall by the vending machine, is the map to analyze. Save the game. Push the button on the floor to get the crate to come over. Hop up the machinery until you can jump onto the crate, then have Double-H push the button. Jump off when it stops moving, and you'll land on top of the Beluga. Jump up, and toss a disk to the far button to bring the OTHER crate up, then toss ANOTHER disk at it, and quickly jump on board. You'll end up on the other side. Use the gear in the corner, to lower the bridge for Double-H. This will serve a purpose later, I just like to get it out of the way now :) You don't have 3 things to hold down the buttons, so run the OTHER way, into the elevator shaft. You stand on one button, Double-H on the other.

Welcome to the DomZ base... reminds me of Aliens. Run over to the mirror that's beaming the light towards the elevator. Next to it, is a mirror on a pedestal. Grab it. Across from the door, is a place to put the mirror, insert it. Run over to the mirror that's currently shining the light. Tilt it over to the mirror you just placed. Then, tilt the mirror you just placed, to the LEFT, until you light the crystal over there. This lets you get a second mirror. After grabbing it, head back to the mirror you turned, and turn it to the doors to open the next path. Run through, but don't bother with the mirrors yet. Keep running, to the Cloister where Pey'j is imprisoned. Run to the door behind him, and save. Only Jade can fit through here...

In this next area, to the right, are two alpha sections guarding a grav shaft leading down. In the open, like this, they're a CINCH to kill with the super attack! On the left of where you entered, is their ship, with some materia crates, if you want them. After you're done collecting whatever crates you want, and killing the two, head down the grav shaft. Circle around the Great Crypt until you find the door, then run inside. Hope you don't get vertigo! Your objective is to get to the green shaft. Look around you, and map out where to go. It's not too tough! All paths lead there, in the end... once there, take the last photo you need... now head all the way back to Pey'j. (You want the DARK BLUE shaft to get back up)

Head back to the beam of light. You need to reflect that all the way to Pey'j! Put the mirror you picked up, into the pedestal under the beam. Now, if you want more money, reflect it over to the right to get the materia crystals. If not, reflect it to the left, to the mirror in the other room. Here, you have to reflect the beam from the left mirror, to the right mirror, to the middle mirror, and then across all the crystals. It's done with the Disk launcher now! Shoot two disks at the right-side of the left mirror, and it should spin and hit the right. Hit THAT one with two disks, and it should hit the middle. THe middle one only need to be hit with one disk. Run back to the Cloister. Here, turn the mirrors so that all the crystals on the OUTSIDE ONLY are lit up. Next, turn JUST the mirror that the beam of light is hitting from the outside. This should light up all the middle ones, without having to turn anything! Lastly, tilt the same mirror one more time, to light all the inner crystals, and expose Pey'j. Double-H can break Pey'j free.... but sadly, it's too late...

(For the detail minded... shouldn't Pey'j be missing his suit and boots? Yet, he has them... heh, call me anal retentive for noticing the minutia like that)

Head out of the Cloister, back to the DomZ base. You'll get a message, from Mei... and look who's back! Head back to the ship, now. The area that you opened up before, now you can open the door there, since you have 3 people! Head inside, and you're attacked by a turret. To get past, you need to duck to the side while it's firing, and run when it stops. Once beyond the turret, enter the trolley to head to the radio transmitter room. Take a photograph of the serial code here, then input the code you get, and enjoy!

After the Long cutscene, head back to the trolley, then to the ship. As you exit the base, you're attacked by the Alpha Section General. His ship can take a huge beating, and has several attack modes. Listed are each mode and how to beat him. You can only use the neutralizer cannong for this, but that just makes it easier... this is, FYI, my favorite fight :)

First mode - no sweat! Just fire at the glowing targets. Second mode - aVoid the center engine area, it fires at you. Between shots, fire like mad at it! Third Mode - Avoid the white streams of energy and fire at the glowing targets. You don't have to aim STRAIGHT at them. Fourth mode - Stay away from the center area, but watch out for the mines he tosses back at you. Between shots, fire at the center. Fifth mode - Stay towards the edge of the screen, and take out the glowing targets. Sixth mode - Just like the fourth, only this time you don't aim at the center, you aim at the glowing targets. Seventh mode - Stay clear of the white lines and the electricity by staying at the far edge of the screen. Fire at the glowing bits. Eighth mode - Last mode. Don't worry about taking damage here, one shot will kill him. Aim at the center.

Once he's down, blast the two mines in the middle, by either using the black floating barrels, or luring torpedos in. Inside, save and move in. 3 Alpha Sections will attack, but your friends should be able to distract them long enough for you to get off a few super moves to destroy them. Head up the grav shaft, to see the last words of the General... head back to the hovercraft, then to the ship. When you head back to the base, you're attacked by a huge force! Use the neutralizing cannon to shoot down as many as you can, until reinforcements arrive. The battle looks AWESOME, doesn't it? :) Then head into the base. BEFORE YOU GO DOWN THE ELEVATOR, REMOVE EVERYONE'S PA1'S AND GIVE THEM TO JADE! Trust me, it helps a ton. Once you're ready, head into the Great Crypt. Be sure you have tons of K-Bups prepared. This is the hardest fight in the game...

Written by Khyron

Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

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