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Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

Weapon - Dai-jo Staff
Tools - Camera, Disc Launcher

Jade is the main character of a story. She was orphaned by the war against the Domz. When she came to Hillys, she set up a shelter for other orphaned victims, in a Lighthouse. Jade is a freelance action reporter, willing to do missions for anyone willing to pay her for them. She's a strong fighter, with a strong will and kind heart.

Jade attacks with her Dai-Jo staff, which can charge up to do a powerful attack, hurting anything in range of her. It can also be upgraded to fire energy as she performs the energy-charge attack.

Her main tool is her camera. She can use it to make money and complete objectives. Once Jade has found a special glove, she can fire small discs, useful to distract guards or to make precision shots at enemy weak points.

Weapon - Cutter Hammer
Tools - Cutter Hammer, Jet Boots

'Uncle' Pey'j is a close friend of Jade's. A portly pig-man, he's wonderful at fixing things, and more of a mechanic than a fighter. When things get tough, he can attack by propelling himself at the enemy with his trusty Jet Boots, an invention he made himself. Pey'j always looks out for Jade, sticking by her side and helping her through sticky situations as best he can.

Pey'j can use his Jet Boots to fly up into the air, then slam down into the ground. This can knock enemies on the ground, into the air, and can flatten those he lands on. Soon after acquiring the boots, Pey'j will pick up his Cutter Hammer, allowing him to cut through bolts and bash enemies over the head.

Double H
Weapon - Power Hammer
Tools - Power Hammer, Hillyan Army Armor

Double H is a member of Iris, the 'terrorist' network which opposes the Alpha Sections. A very dedicated soldier, who takes everything seriously, and works as hard as he can to oppose the Alpha Sections and expose the truth behind the DomZ attacks. As a member of the Hillyan Army, he is protected by sturdy armor and can walk through laser beams which Jade cannot. He's always quoting doctrines from Carlson Peeters Manual, which Jade seems to know as well...

When attacking, Double H has the same energy shield that the Alpha Section soldiers do, and uses a power hammer much like theirs. His super ability strikes the hammer against the ground, much like Pey'j's Jet boots attack can. As a special ability, he dons his army helmet and charges head-first into a barred or mesh grating. (He can also charge into Alpha Sections from behind, to damage their air tanks)

A heavily-accented holocron, part of Jade's computer. Secundo digitizes items for Jade, makes wisecracks, and helps her find work. He's also a master at computers like himself, and can help Jade and company whenever they need help running or repairing a computer they come across.

Hahn, Nino, and Mei. These three are the primary driving force behind all IRIS actions in Hillys. Hahn is the leader of the group, but not the chief of all IRIS activities in Hillys (The chief relays instructions from afar). Nino is the editor and spokesperson behind the IRIS network, the one who produces all the issues of their Newsletter. Mei is your main contact in IRIS, a cute feline girl. She's the one you speak with most of the time via E-mail, and the one you're sending your photos to.

Alpha Sections
These shady soldiers are said to be the main fighting force against the DomZ attacks, but why is it they always arrive late? And the kidnappings by the DomZ seem to be getting worse, even with their protection... their leader is a sinister-looking General who leads a propoganda campaign. You'll see, and hear him, quite often in the game...

Written by Khyron

Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

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