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Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough
Key Items

Active Principle (PA1) - Increases your health by 1 heart.

PA1 - Lighthouse bathroom
PA1 - Entrance to Black Isle Mines
PA1 - Inside the Black Isle Mines (1500 Credits)
PA1 - Buy from Nouri in the City (1500 credits)
PA1 - Ming Tsu's shop (1500 credits)
PA1 - Nutripills factory, the generator area in the electrical room (Knock a mech into the electrical field to get to it)
PA1 - Nutripills factory, in a cabinet guarded by two alpha-sections.
PA1 - Nutripills factory, after defeating robot boss.
PA1 - Slaughterhouse, in the North Wing, protected by 2 Alpha Section soldiers and mines!
PA1 - Slaughterhouse, North Wing, up a mined ramp with an Alpha Section guarding the door.
PA1 - Slaughterhouse, East Wing, after travelling under the crate transportation area.
PA1 - Lunar Transmitter, in the Vending Machine.

Meca Impulsers increase the vehicle health by 1 wrench

Meca Impulser - Mammago Garage (1500 credits)
Meca Impulser - Mammago Garage (1500 credits)
Meca Impusler - Ming Tsu's shop (1500 credits)
Meca Impulser - Slaughterhouse Trolley section.
Meca Impulser - Volcano's Treasure

Animal Detector - Ming Tsu's shop (1000 credits) - Lets you see where on the map animals are, for you to photograph.

Pearl Detector - Ming Tsu's shop (3000 credits) - Shows you where pearls are on the map, that you don't have yet.

Super Attack Strengthener - Ming Tsu's shop (2000 credits) - When you use a super attack, this will shoot out orbs at enemies.

Gyrodisk Launcher - Nutripills factory, secured locker - Allows you to throw disks to hurt some enemies, set off traps and mines, cause a distraction, and to push buttons from far away.

Written by Khyron

Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

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