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Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough
Photo List

Homo Sapien            - 150un  - Everywhere! Well, the lighthouse, town, and Double-H all count.
Adalia Octopunctata    - 200un  - Flying bug in Lighthouse
Capra Sapien           - 350un  - Goatlike children in Lighthouse
Canis Canis            - 100un  - Dog (Woof) in Lighthouse
Larus Albus            - 400un  - Seagulls
Priodontes Campestris  - 150un  - Field Armadillos outside of Lighthouse
Lampyris Campestris    - 300un  - Fireflies by Tree at night, Lighthouse
Sus Sapiens            - 600un  - Pey'j
Lutra Erectra          - 1000un - Otter above Lighthouse
Dipneustes Trilineatus - 400un - Fish swimming around (Lighthouse Hangar)
Rhinocerous Sapiens    - 300un  - Rhino guys in Mammago Garage.
Teratosaurus Imperator - 2000un - Wormlike Domz Boss (Mammago Garage)
Rascax Caeruleus       - 300un  - School of fish outside of the Garage area.
Aquilus Sapiens        - 300un  - Birdlike man selling newspapers
Walrus Sapiens         - 300un  - Walrus shopkeeper in Ming-Tzu's shop
Taurus Sapiens         - 350un  - Bull bartender at Akuda Bar
Carcharodon Sapiens    - 400un  - Sharklike people in the Akuda Bar
Astacus Erectus        - 400un  - Plated animals outside Black Isle Mines.
Musca Saprophagia      - 150un  - Flies found all over Hillys
Lycoperdon Fugiferus   - 400un  - Orange balloon creatures in dungeons.
Anemonia Mutabilis     - 500un  - Large purple anemonies in dungeons.
Crochax Velox          - 1000un - Flying enemies that grab hold of you
Polypody Amoeba        - 750un  - Amoeba found inside the Black Isle Mines
Cyanea Urtica          - 700un  - Green jellyfish-like creatures in dungeons.
Alicia Splendens       - 300un  - Waving tentacles found on walls of caves
Pelagia Pachydermis    - 800un  - Mutated green jellyfish - strong defense.
Spongus Gluanteus      - 500un  - Sponge at the bottom of Black Isle Mines.
Helix Rupestris        - 500un  - Large Nautilus snail in Black Isle Mines.
Papilio Pilosus        - 300un  - Pink Slug on a ledge at the mines entrance
Planaria Rupestris     - 500un  - Flying green creature in Black Isle Mines
Nautilus Fluoreus      - 500un  - Flying nautilus in the Black Isle Mines.
Palinurus Rupestris    - 900un  - Small squat monsters in dungeons
Pterolimax Gigantea    - 3000un - Black Isle Mines boss.
Arachnis Viridis       - 350un  - small spider creatures in dungeons.
Felis Sapiens          - 400un  - Feline girl (Mei) in the Iris HQ.
Bufo Erectus           - 450un  - Frogs outside of Vorax Lair.
Macropodia Omnivora    - 400un  - Little worms found outside dungeons.
Vorax Nocturnus        - 500un  - Flying blue enemies, huge fangs.
Rattus Giganteus       - 200un  - Rats, in many dungeons.
Cyclopeus Palustris    - 3500un - 'Reaper' enemy in the Nutripills factory.
Sarcophagus Domzii     - 900un  - 'Sarcophagus' Domz in various dungeons.
Rattus Albus           - 750un  - White rat found in the Nutripills factory
Blabera Gregaria       - 700un  - Small insects found in empty cabinets.
Aedes Raymanis         - 800un  - Mosquito in the Nutripills Laboratory.
Manta Cyanea           - 700un  - Manta Ray that flies over Hillys.
Manta Magnificens      - 850un  - Manta Ray that flies around Lighthouse.
Megaptera Purpurea     - 2200un - Giant whale behind the Black Isle.
Megaptera Borealis     - 2000un - Giant whale behind the Lighthouse.
Anguilla Bifida        - 600un  - Worm swimming around in slaughterhouse.
Trilobites Saltans     - 1100un - Crawling around in the Slaughterhouse.
Ignis Ignifera         - 700un  - Little flame creature in the Slaughterhouse
Timorea Saponifera     - 800un  - Little blue creature in the slaughterhouse.
Amoeba Saltans         - 500un  - Green amoeba in the Slaughterhouse.
Aurelia Magnificens    - 500un  - Jelly creature in the Volcano's Treasure.
Megaptera Anaerobia    - 800un  - Space-whale, encased in ice.

Written by Khyron

Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough

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