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Big Brain Academy Walkthrough
Five Types of Tests

There are five types of games / tests in this game. When you practice, you can play through them all, at all 3 difficulty levels. When you take the "test", it randomly chooses a game from each test type to foist on you.

The five types are:

These are tests involving logical thought. You have to figure out paths, determine logically which item is heavier, and figure out directions.

These involve visual matching. You figure out which shadow goes with which shape, build shapes out of components, and have the traditional memory game.

Number based games, like coin comparisons, adding up numbers and ... adding up numbers :)

No word lists here! You're playing a game of Simon as well as memorizing numbers and images.

These are spatial types of games. You connect the dots, count up three dimensional cubes and connect lines of shapes.

Big Brain Academy Walkthrough

Big Brain Academy Review

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