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Lisa Shea
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Bladestorm Walkthrough


5.1 In Bladestorm, most of your time will be spent fighting. This section will be more about general tips than about specific categorized help because of the wide variety of fighting already discussed.

5.2 Your main purpose is usually to attack towns. This is done by either having an allied unit march into it, or by killing all the guard units nearby (marked with a shield above their heads). The guard unit thing isn't actually "kill all nearby" but rather "kill enough so that the number goes down". If you kill everyone in the vicinity, leave so that they'll respawn, come back, and kill them again.

5.3 Towns generate columns of soldiers that will march to enemy towns (their route is marked by arrows on your map). Columns of soldiers - allied and enemy - consist of four or so squads that follow roads to enemy positions. You may "join" an allied column by marching in it - doing so will turn the "column" symbol on the map (a rectangle with a triangle point in front of it) yellow. When you are moving with a column, you will be given "orders" when you get close to enemy units. These are really more "suggestions", but they're not that noticeable. The main purpose of traveling with columns is safety in numbers. Also, when you reach the town that you want to get to, you don't have to mess around with killing guards; you just have to get the allied units in so you can kill the base commander.

5.4 If you don't want to go point-to-point at marching speed, then feel free to take off on your own. Even as infantry, you and your soldiers can run faster than soldiers marching in columns, and furthermore you can go attack cities not in the direct line of attack for your allies. Finally, you can get more experience and fame since you don't have anyone else stealing it from you. Running too far afield can get you stranded, though, so be careful.

5.5 Friendly towns are useful for multiple reasons. First, they send columns at neighboring enemy towns. Secondly, entering the town center (the glowy spot in the middle of town) automatically heals you and replenishes your ammunition (for ranged weapon users). Thirdly, you can pick up new units here in case you don't want to waste your hard-spent money on the mercenaries you bought just to go over and destroy another town. Towns come in three sizes: small (little villages), medium (small castles or medium towns), and large (big cities and castles). The larger a city is, the more fame you get when you capture it (and the harder it is to capture). Try to get large cities by capturing the smaller cities around it first so that you'll have reinforcements. Large cities also tend to have gates, which require siege weapons (automatically sent from nearby towns) to break down.

5.6 Go after officers (use the "unit info option" to locate them) to get more fame. These officers tend to be more capable than regular units, but the payoff is worth it. They drop either items or money when slain (the same is true of towns; as a side-note, when you capture a game-winning town, you still have time to go get the spoils as the "contract completed" screen appears). Personality-possessing characters like the other mercenaries tend to be static with the weapons they use; use this knowledge to your advantage. For example, Marc and Georges almost always travel together. Marc is a heavy spear soldier, while Georges is an archer. Magnus uses shield-and-sword troops, Karen uses twin swords, Diane uses guns, and so on. If you can beat them once, then it's a pretty sure bet you can beat them from then on. Some people you tend to see more than others, perhaps depending on which side you tend to choose (having picked England most of the way through, I fought Marc and Georges a lot, Magnus on occasion, Karen twice, and didn't see Diane or Naran at all). Beating mercenaries doesn't seem to get you anything other than the usual "enemy officer defeated", though it seems like defeating high-ranking officers on the enemy side (official named English and French officers, not mercenaries) gets you better stuff than regular officers do.

5.7 Most of the loot dropped seems to be random, but, again, officers and towns are the two sources of getting stuff. There are occasional "set pieces" to get - plot-type items that require a certain number to work, the main two being the Aegis Shield (five pieces) and the 12 Gems (which can be sold, but if you get all 12 you get something nice). Watch out for these. Furthermore, books and tomes can be acquired as loot. Usually, though, you'll get art, for which I've seen a storyline hint of a quest, but no actual quest thus far. Most art comes as copies, so feel free to sell them off. Bladestorm the Hundred Years War Walkthrough

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