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Ratchet and Clank Walkthrough
Blarg Depot - Planet Gaspar

This is a planet of lava and rock. Your new weapon of the day is the "Walloper" - sort of a big fist. Of all the weapons you find, this was probably my least favorite and least used one.

Head down into dog-land, find the turret and shoot everything. This is an easy way to make good money quickly. Turn to shoot through the big circle. Shoot the guys through it too, as many as you can get. Note that there's a skill point if you can shoot 5 or 6 of the ships from here.

Head through the circle. The mine things are nasty, watch out for them. Shoot the next set of guys and hop around on the circle platforms to the next turret. Again, shoot out the circle door. Go through it.

Take the elevator up. There are dog guys and health here. Now you hit a room with a row of tanks, with more enemies. Clear them out and head down in the tunnel

Use the wonderful Gloves of Doom on the block of guys, then use the turret to blow open the door. Now you're at the rocket testing area from the funny video. There are more guys. Kill them then head right - you get the pilot's helmet. Neato!

Head back to the start. This was an easy planet - all missions complete.

Ratchet and Clank Walkthrough

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