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Crash Bandicoot Warped - 1: Toad Village

This is the very first level of the game, and it's a castle level. Pretty grey castle walls, hopping frogs, little cottages, blue birds and butterflies. You can see the extraordinary effort they put into the coding in this program! Everything is finely rendered. Amazing.

Water is OK on this level, just splash through. Don't get caught by a frog - he'll kiss you and turn into a prince! Time your dodges past the sword-swinging guy with when he gets stuck in the ground. Take advantage of the checkpoints you pass to save your spot.

Jump on the stained glass circle to visit the bonus area. You have to clear all boxes in each bonus area to make the full box count and get your gem for the level. This one is pretty easy, just 7 boxes.

Once you go through and get the crystal, you can then try for the timed version. When you enter the level again, you'll have the option of grabbing the clock and racing through at top speed. Beat the listed time, grabbing the numbered boxes along the way to subtract time, to get the gold ankh.

1:02 blue ankh
57:57 gold ankh
42 boxes

Crash Bandicoot Warped Walkthrough

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