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Crash Bandicoot Warped - 2: Under Pressure

Under Pressure

This is your first 'water level' - there will be quite a few more coming up later. It's got amazing graphics - multi level backgrounds, boxes hiding within the coral, pufferfish and sharks to contend with.

Follow the trail, grabbing the protector guy, dodging the puffer fish. Enter the tunnel, go down past the eels, then grab the head at the bottom. A little ways down the trail is another tunnel, with a spinning fan above. Now you grab a little sea-sled which can shoot - shoot everything! You have to lave it behind whenyou head into a tube, but soon there's another one to get you easily past the final section.

1:46 blue ankh
1:17:90 gold ankh

Crash Bandicoot Warped Walkthrough

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