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Crash Bandicoot Warped - 4: Bone Yard

This is the first "dinosaur" level, and its black slime floor and red lava are pretty fun to play in! You are chased by a triceratops *at* the screen which makes it hard to know which way to dodge! You'll probably have to run the course a few times before knowing when to go left and when right. He luckily stops at a ledge, giving you a bit of breathing room. He'll start up again when you hit the checkpoint there, but stop again at another ledge.

The grass slows you down - dodge it, or spin through it. Jump over lava - it hurts!

Soon there's a second triceratops. Note that he'll hit boxes for you, and if you're doing the timed course, he'll get the second boxes too! What a pal.

If you're good, you can get 3 heads in a row, letting you plow easily through grass and enemies.

Jump *in* the ball at the end to save time.

Bonus Notes: When you activate the red gem in 12: Deep Trouble, the red platform wil become available here. The bonus level is pretty nasty - tons of grass, steam, and lava while a triceratops chases you. A checkpoint gives you a breathing space, but not for long. Be sure to grab the gem before your last jump, or your race was for nothing!

1:45 blue ankh
1:40:20 gold ankh

Crash Bandicoot Warped Walkthrough

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