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CSI Crime scene Investigation Walkthrough
Inn and Out: Finishing Up the Crime Scene

Once the tutorial cuts you loose, you're probably spinning around looking at everything and waiting for your arrow to turn green :) Here is what you find in the hotel room:

* Bracelet on the ground behind your partner, on the left of him. It says "K.Y." on it. Just grab it with your gloves.

* TV to the left of the entry door. Use your fingerprint brush on the keypad area. Note that you don't need to "collect" the fingerprints once they are dusted and appear - they'll just show up in your evidence list.

* TV Remote Control on the floor ot the right of the bed. This one has fingerprints on the volume buttons. Hmmmmm.

* Bathroom sink - go into the bathroom then zoom in on the sink. Use the Luminol to see the blood there. Use a swab to collect the blood.

That's all that the hotel room will tell you - head on back to the lab!

CSI Crime scene Investigation Walkthrough

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