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CSI Crime scene Investigation Walkthrough
Inn and Out: Kylie's Apartment

OK, another place to explore! I like the exploring-places part. Luckily (or unluckily?) she is VERY neat so there is hardly anything at all to look at. On the table is a small, new bottle of Interferon to treat her Hepatitis C. Brush it for prints, and then take it in with the gloves as evidence.

Turn around and look at her PC. Neat, eh? Look in her calendar file to see that she was meeting with Devon Rodgers at the Champagne Hotel just before she died. Iiiiiiinteresting. And what's that blinking thing on the corner of her counter? Why, it's an answering machine. Go hit the button to learn that Bert in fact DOES know Kylie. She owes him $300 for a TV that she broke and he seems to think she can pay him back in a "non-cash-manner." You get the tape from the machine.

Use the gloves on the receipts on the bar, too. Those might come in handy, too.

Run all of these things through the lab. There are fingerprints on the Interferon bottle. They're probably hers, of course. Now, however, you have enough evidence to go question both Devon and Bert. Head over to the cops.

CSI Crime scene Investigation Walkthrough

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