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CSI Crime scene Investigation Walkthrough
Inn and Out: Interrogating Bert

The fun begins! It seems Bert wasn't telling the whole truth before. Ask him about his criminal history (which you got by running his prints from the TV remote through the system). He says that was a long time ago and now he's strictly legit. Ask him about his voice on the answering machine. He admits that it was him but that he wouldn't beat up a girl and kill her just for $300.

Ask him about cuts and scratches. He says sure, he gets them all the time. So now ask him for a DNA sample. Use the swab to get his DNA. Then use the tweezers to yank out his hair. They have great commentary when you are doing these things :)

Back in the lab, give the DNA to Greg. It turns out this is the blood you found in the bathroom! Check this hair against the one you found in the cloth. Nope, it wasn't him. Someone else was there apparently.

When you go and re-harass Bert, he gives you a little video about how he had to fix a broken mirror in that room and then used the remote to watch TV. That's the end of his story.

CSI Crime scene Investigation Walkthrough

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