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CSI Crime Scene Investigation Walkthrough
Garvey's Beat: At the Crime Scene

Officer James Garvey was killed. Nick Stokes is with you. It's a cop killer mission, so it's high profile.

You learn that James stopped to help a motorist when he was shot. Look at the chest - he was beaten over the head, then finished off with 2 shots to the chest. There are no exit wounds. You can't do anything with the chest. Now look at the head - cast the wound.

You find a gun - dust it for prints, then grab it with gloves. There's a blood stain on the left near the body - swab it. Also on the left is an iron bar. Use your magnifyer on the bar to see some threads. Tweezer the threads, then take the bar with the gloves.

OK, now look in the cop car. There's an ID on the center console - it's for Jefferey Deschamps, a 72 yr old cop? Grab it with your gloves. Now Luminol and then swab the stain on the seat. Use gloves on the paper sheet on the passenger's seat.

CSI Crime scene Investigation Walkthrough

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