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CSI Crime Scene Investigation Walkthrough
More fun than a barrel of corpses: Doctor's Home and Garage

OK, first the fun in talking with Mrs. Wilkinson.

truck here? in garage. "You Don't need a warrant." We don't? Sheesh, and we wasted all that time on other episodes! :)

discuss patients? No, not ethical
Sophia Benedetti? "little tramp" trying to sleep with hsuband. (Ah, and I'm sure he resisted ...)
husband? Grocery shopping. Wonderful husband and physician and reputation.

Yup, hop into the garage now. I wonder what we'll find? Oh look, it's a pickup truck! It's a L-160 4.6 liter V8

tires - tape them
back - receipt for firewood, grab with gloves
wood chips - grab
dirt - swab it

Back to the lab. You find out:

dirt - red oak sap, matches the body
wood - firewood
tracks - all season match garden tracks

Now to the cops:

he called for firewood 3 days ago
He's been calling the pharmacy several times a day

Time to go chat with the Pharmacy Chick!

CSI Crime scene Investigation Walkthrough

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