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CSI Crime Scene Investigation Walkthrough
More fun than a barrel of corpses: Back at the Pharmacy

Funny, Leda Callisto seems to have been less than honest the last time you spoke with her. Does she do any better this time?

affair? no. Was having one with him last week, though. He was afraid of his wife. (She was sleeping with him when the truck key vanished). Jeez, so he was sleeping with Sophia AND with this pharmacy chick??

Maxamine order? he picked it up. (Suuuuuuure he did)

Last see truck? outside hostpital last week, it was dented hauling firwood (sorry that was 3 days ago, guess you saw it since then!)

dna sample? swab it.

sure enough, back at the lab, it appears Leda's DNA matches the hair in the tissue. Leda gave the fatal Maxamine to Sophia. Wonder why? Jealousy?

On to Dr. Wilkinson and his wife!

CSI Crime scene Investigation Walkthrough

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