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CSI Crime Scene Investigation Walkthrough
Leda's Swan Song: Leda and the Cops

Head back to the holding cell. Ask Leda a few questions:

know kylie yardstrum? no
chlorophorm grissom? cound't get to HIM.

Not much help. Back to the cops:

warrant truck? yes.

Back to the doctor's house. Talk to the doctor.

last few hours? yelled at by wife.
where truck? in garage.

Yup, into the garage. The truck is missing!

Leda taken? yes

OK, back to the cops. They put out an APB on the truck. They also do research and discover that Leda's maiden name was Murphy. You ask them to look for other Murphies but they refuse.

However, since the suicide note was from the Champagne hotel, you get access to some old clues from the previous crimes:

* ligature from the first tie-up in the motel
* prints on medicine bottle from that case
* chips in sophia's mouth
* money in kylie's mouth

Back to the lab!

CSI Crime scene Investigation Walkthrough

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