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CSI Crime Scene Investigation Walkthrough
Leda's Swan Song: Lab and a Hotel

OK, first at the lab. You:

* match prints on medicine with album prints.
* test ligature - matches cream on hands.
* chips in Sophia's mouth match the chips in Leda's apartment

Head on to the hotel room. Chat with the manager.

anyone else in room? only kylie
Typo Alert! "did Kylie always TRY USE a particular room?" yes same room
Anyting else? no

But there IS. GO look at the window. Then go out and look at the sill. Swab the sample there!

Back at the lab, Greg says it's the same Aloe Vera mix from the apartment.

OK you know for sure that Leda gave the medicine to Kylie ... she touched the ligature ... she was on the windowsill! But why?

Go back Kylie's apartment and look at that schedule again of her "appointments".

Aha - a familiar name - Bernard Murphy! That must be Leda's father!

CSI Crime scene Investigation Walkthrough

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