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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
The Wrench

Read How Weapons Work to learn in general how to make your weapons increase in power.

For example, your wrench pretty much turns into a Battle Wrench without much help. The next step is to give it more "smash". You can do this pretty easily with logs, which you find quite a bit of. So turn a log into a log Synth Sphere. Add this in to your wrench to Smash 9. Now you have a Drill Wrench.

Moving up from Drill Wrench, you need attack, flame, lightning, smash and scale:
Attack 32 is enough
Flame 18 is enough
Lightning 10 is enough
Smash 20 is enough
Scale 6 is enough

You are now a Smash Wrench.

Smash Wrench has 2 build options:
Option 1: attack-smash-chill.
Option 2: attack-lightning-beast.

We chose Route 2 from Smash Wrench:
lightning 44 is enough
beast 29 is enough
attack 60 is enough

Now you are a Stinger Wrench (can steal items)

Stinger Wrench only has one build-up option
needs att, light, beast, scale to improve
Attack 79 not enough
Lightning 76 is enough
Beast 68 is enough
Scale 47 is enough

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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