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Lisa Shea
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Demons Souls Walkthrough - Stonefang Tunnel

There's not a lot of grass on this level so be well stocked before you go into the level.

Head left and kill a lizardy critter, gather up a few treasures. Now head the other direction. Watch out for the guys flinging down rocks - time your run until both throw at the same time and then go after the second rock hits. Turn the handle in there to start the elevator system going. Ride it up to encounter the laughing fire guy. He is nasty. Take your time with him, peering around the corner and sniping at him.

When you're done with that area, carefully get back on the elevator (falling will kill you) and take it down to the very bottom. There's no danger in "staying on" the elevator, it just loops around. At the bottom get some stone of ephermeral eyes

OK back to the level where you activated the elevator. Move forward slowly. Some guys will ignore you and others will attack. Note the "sack guys" won't respawn and have a bunch of mined loot for you. When you're ready to proceed, destroy the urns blocking the doorway. Dogs will race towards you so it's good to do this from a distance. Go near the doorway - there's a laughing guy in the next room. Again, snipe from a distance and hide around the corner.

When you clear out that area, go through the little archway to the right. Work your way slowly along the path. As you come up the long stretch of stairs a laughing guy is in the large room. Try to sneak around the corner to evade his attention to get all the way to the upper level of this large room.

Find a spot where a pillar blocks the laughing guy's shots but your shots slide past the pillar to hit him. He's really the only dangerous person in this whole area. From the doorway area where you came in, just drop down a level and kill some miners. Note that when you go over to loot the walking guy the bridge will collapse - only the leftmost beam will remain. If you put yourself over the left beam the whole way, you should be fine. He has full moon grass. Note there's a lever beneath his area, that opens a gate and lets you advance to the next segment of this level.

When you reach the area with a couple of innocent mining guys, be sure to loot the body off to one side with repair stones. They can be handy.

Drop all the way back down, go up all the ramps and stairs and follow along by the metal gate and through the now open gate and fog door.

You'll encounter lots of salamanders glowing bright orange and hanging on the wall, which will drop down at you. Straight ahead of you on a tower is one of your destinations, a lever up there is important. So first head up the ramps and loot the body. Go by the turning wheel. A circular pit room has a bunch of salamanders in it on the walls. Have fun shooting them. To the right after the salamanders is a big lava pit. You'll be "fixing" this problem soon. Keep going. Kill the enemies ahead.

You'll get to an open area on the side of the mountain, go out and loot. Turn right and turn the handle at the end. This starts up an elevator. Be careful getting on or off it so you don't fall. Go all the way to the basement and find the blacksmith "Ed". He can upgrade and repair equipment for you. Then head onto the elevator again. Down one level from the top is a lootable body.

The first level going up from the bottom brings you back to the archstone, so this is an easy back and forth spot from this point on.

Demons Souls Walkthrough

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