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Demons Souls Walkthrough - Phalanx

Once you kill off the Phalanx mini-boss, you have a new archstone you can easily land at and move forward from!

This is a good point to go up above the main gate to where there are a pair of thick metal chains on either side. These look like they cannot be cut - but they can! When you cut those down, you get a jade hairpin. Bring that to your human pack mule to get more of his story.

It's good to have fire protection if you can, for example if you're a magic user you can get "water veil" as a spell. Boost up your endurance a few points so you don't run out of stamina while outrunning the dragon's flames across the bridge. Vitality is always a good thing, too.

Then return to the boss area to head forward.

There are lots of mini-phalanxes (mini-palanxii?) that give you lots of souls. Backstabbing works well with them, as do magical attacks. You run into your princey friend who once again is stuck and needs your help. If Prince Ostrava is missing, this is a fairly clear indication that something went horribly wrong back in the previous section :)

You make your way up to a long bridge area which connects to large towers - with a smaller pair of guard towers in between. This is prime dragon territory. Make sure you are very aware of wing noises and that you time your runs exactly from spot to spot to stay safe. Much of this area is about timing your runs between dragon fly-bys. You can "poke out" a little, learn his patterns, and see where your chances are. For example, on the first area, he flies "away from you" so once he starts his strafing run you can simply follow along behind him.

If you're a real daredevil, then stand in the archway where the bridge starts. Move just enough forward to lure the dragon. A few tries should help you figure out exactly where that spot is. Once he is flying towards the bridge, turn and spring to where the dragons hang out. With the dragon off blasting the bridge, you should be able to get a body or two clear before you have to retreat to the safety of the castle. A few loops of this should let you get most of the items. Also, there's a "lower level" in the dragon area. If you hug the right hand wall on that path, you can go all the way down to the end where there's some items to grab.

So make your way to the first mini-tower. Go out the side door to clear out the enemies around this tower.

For the second part of the path, just walk by the wagon and the dragon will come down and take out all your enemies for you. You can then take the "underneath" path if you want, to reach the next tower. Your princely friend is down here, so make sure you take out all the enemies before you release him. There are a LOT of enemies down here so go slowly and carefully.

At the very end of this tunnel is a sales guy, sitting n front of a closed gate.

Now up into this tower. The top has a compound short bow to gather up. Now it's time to take on the last "run". Clear out the enemies around the tower first. If you're feeling brave you can go gather treasure items on the middle path if you want. The dragon only goes from "wagon to wagon" so you can duck into those areas and loot and retreat to safety.

Go through the fog door to the "final bridge". This is very nasty. The wagon here is NOT safe. Get just past the wheel. The moment the dragon goes past, race after him and you can make it up to the cart on the other side without getting hit. Kill the nearby enemies. There are two blue guys up above so heal up before you go forward. You can lose any fire protection now if you had any activated. Now use your strongest attacks to take on the blue eyed guys one at a time.

Go up and down to gather up the treasure. The fog ahead is going to send you into a boss battle.

First, you get a video of the setup. There are about 8-10 crossbowmen on an upper level and a giant demon knight. First, race up the stairs, find some cover, and do a circuit around the level carefully taking out the crossbowmen until it's just you and the boss. The boss has multiple targeting points. Melee guys will want to circle him, staying ahead of him, taking out his ankles. Range weapon people should stand on a staircase. When he starts his wind-up, take a shot at his head and then drive out of the way of the ray.

When you take him out, you get an Iron Demon's Soul and a new warp spot. There's a fog there that says you have to slay an archdemon before you can go through.

This can be a good time to go back and try to get the spiked shield, which is in between tower 1 and tower 2.

It's time to move on to the second archstone.

Demons Souls Walkthrough

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