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Diablo 2
Act 1: The Forgotton Tower

This is the first quest that the High Priestess doesn't give you. In your wanderings in the Stone Field you come across a Moldy Tome which goes into a long story about women bathing in the blood of virgins, death and destruction, mayhem, and a tower. You of course must cleanse this tower.

Head back to the Dark Wood to the Black Marsh. Why is everything black and dark? Can't evil ever be light and white? Anyway, younow meet the Quill Rat's big brother, the Thorn Beast which takes two hits to kill. You find The Hole, Level 1 in the Black Marsh (I bet it's a dark, black hole) which has Blood Hawks and Returned Mages with flame hands.

You eventually find the Tower Cellar - Level 1. This one has ghosts. The tower is full of lots of annoying, little levels. There are Devilkins and Devilkin Bosses to cntend with. When you finally hit the 5th floor your Quest Log updates and says, oh yeah, you have to dispose of the evil countess. Duh!

There are treasuries up here with over 650 gold each, quite useful. There is also the Countess with her Dark Stalkers who love flame. Work your way through them, luring them out, and eventually you will get them all. That's it - head back to the camp to announce your victory.

Diablo 2 Walkthrough
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