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Diablo 2
Act 1: The Mighty Hammer

This quest comes from Charsi the Blacksmith. She wants her hammer from the Monastery. OK, you're off.

Head over to the Monastery. After the Black Marsh is the Tamoe Highland. This is where you'll find it. The Outer Cloister is a big square room with an exit off of each wall. One is the way you came in, two are small rooms, and the fourth is an exit. This leads to the Barracks area, with lots of Devilkins and Bone Mages. Eventually you find ... The Smith. The Smith is a SADISTIC creature ... no wait, that was another version :) Kill him off, and the Death Clan and Black Rogue fellows that show up. This is a rather quick and easy quest.

You'll get the hammer, unique boots, and other treasues. Head back to tell Charsi. She now offers to imbue ONE item of yours with a special magic. Choose something durable that you'll be sure to want to keep with you.

From the Barracks you go down to Jail Level 1 which is a waypoint. There are Tainteds which are large bull-like creatures, Pitspawn and fouldogs. You're ready for the last Quest.

Diablo 2 Walkthrough
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