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Diablo 2
Act 1: Introduction

The game begins with an incredibly well done movie involving an old man in a cell, his powerful friend, and a dark wanderer. All you learn from this, besides the fact that the D2 team spent months (if not years) on this portion of the game, is that your Hero from the first game should not have picked up that rock at the end after all. Now he's insane and causes skeletons to appear from fires. Ah well.

You choose your new character from a list of five. For this walkthrough we used both a Sorceress and Paladin to get a sense of their various strengths. For whatever you choose, you don't get to pick stats or equipment. You're dumped into a rogue camp with the most basic of weapons and 4 healing potions, a town portal and identify spell. For example, the Sorceress got a staff, which granted did at least let her use the firebolt spell.

The first person you talk to, conveniently walking around with an exclamation point over his head, is Warriv. He gives you information about Diablo, and wants to get back home. You can wander around the camp to meet Charsi the blacksmith, who can buy, sell or repair items. Next is Gheed the trader, who lets you gamble by buying unidentified magical items. Next is Kashya the battle leader, who loves to talk. Finally, the high priestess Akara, who gives you your first quest: The Den of Evil. Your quest log button lights up, and you're off.

Diablo 2 Walkthrough
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