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Diablo 2
Act 1: Overview Map

You begin in the Rogue Camp, with a waypoint.

Blood Moor. Within the Blood Moor is the Den of Evil.

Cold Plains. Within the Cold Plains is The Cave (2 lvls) and a waypoint

Burial Grounds. Within the Burial Grounds are the Crypt and the Mausoleum. Dead End.

(Also off Cold Plains) Stony Field. Within the Stony Field are the stones for Tristram and a waypoint

Underground Passage (2 lvls)

Dark Wood, with a waypoint and tree.

Black Marsh, with The Hole (2 lvls), Forgotton Tower (5 lvls), and a waypoint.

Tamoe Highland, with The Pit (2 lvls)

Monastery Gate

Outer Cloister - this has 3 rooms off of it. and a waypoint. One room leads to ...

The Barracks which naturally has ...

The Jail (3 lvls) with a waypoint. On level 3 is a path to ...

The Inner Cloister, near

The Cathedral, which has an entrance to ...

The Catacombs, a four level dungeon, and your final destination. This has a waypoint.

Diablo 2 Walkthrough
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