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Diablo 2
Act 2: Arcane Sanctuary

You don't get this one until you finish making the Horadric Staff. Now you have to get to the Arcane Sanctuary deep under the palace. You have to work your way through all of the levels. You get 2 levels of Harems - level 1 is empty, level 2 is lots of little annoying rooms.

Next, 3 levels of the Palace Cellar. Lots of Horror Mages, Horror Archers, Blunderbores, dune beasts. At the very bottom level is the portal. OK, now for the Arcane Sanctuary. This isn't fun.

This is a "Maze in Space" - with one direction having teleports, one having stairs, and the other two just being twisty. There are lots of Hell Clans, Specters and Ghoul Lords. If you have any followers, they always get stuck in here. Very frustrating. Go down each 'arm' to get the treasure at the end.

On the final arm, you'll hit The Summoner which will start (and quickly finish) Quest #5. Right next to him is the journal - when you kill him and read the journal, this quest is done.

Diablo 2 Walkthrough
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