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Diablo 2
Act 2: The Seven Tombs

When you finish the first rat-mission, Jerhyn decides that maybe he can tell you about Tal Rasha. He mentions that he thinks the wanderer was looking for this tomb. He asks you to talk to Drognan, which starts up the 6th Quest of The Seven Tombs. Drognan explains that the Arcane Sanctuary has the secret symbol that shows you which of the seven tombs is the "real" one.

Work your way down through the palace to get to the Arcane Sanctuary. Read the journal there, and you'll be told what the special symbol is. It's written in your quest log for you, don't bother drawing it :) Now go through the portal to the Canyon of the Magi - with the staff of course! Find the tomb with the symbol you have, and go in. Lots of burning dead and ghoul lords, and unravelers. Find the orifice and stick in the staff. Now prepare!!

There's a nasty monster in the next room. When you kill him, that's the end. You finish Quest #2, meet Tyrael, learn the bad guys are going to find Mephisto. You talk to Jerhyn, Meshif, Quest 6 is now done and you're on to Act 3.

Diablo 2 Walkthrough
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