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Diablo 2
Act 5: Siege on Harrogath

The first quest is pretty easy. Larzuk doesn't believe you can really help at all. He wants you to stop the catapults from hitting the town, and kill Shenk the Overseer. I believe this is one of the in-jokes, that Shenk was the lead art director on the project and that they turned him into a monster in the game :)

It's pretty straightforward. The monsters are easy after facing Diablo, so just plow through them, killing each catapult as you go. Shenk of course is near the end, and not that hard to beat at all. Kill him, and now Larzuk will put a socket into any weapon you like - even a magical one! Choose your favorite weapon, get a socket in it, and the quest ends.

Note that he doesn't give the weapon BACK to you, he just drops it on the ground near you.

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